The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm a bummer Dude!

Sorry folks if I've let you down by not writing, posting, joking, laughing, visiting etc.. I was very excited a few months ago to re-join the ranks of the employed, only to discover to my chagrin that I will only be working when needed to. So, as of Sept 2nd, I will have a big whopping 3.25 hours per week to pay my bills feed, etc...

I did not post anything in the last little while because I was not in a terribly nice mood & I learned that I should not let others influence me to such a degree. Well, let me tell you, as a Pisces, I read people's feelings all the time & it wears me out. So, I withdrew in order to save what little sanity I claim to ever have had.

Now I am facing a major bummer of not having enough funds all over again. So, keeping my game plan in the forefront is difficult when obligations supercede what I want vs what I need. So, goodbye Rhinebeck this year, perhaps next...( I can't count how many years I've said that now)

On the positive side, things happen for a reason- am I meant to find better employment? I hope it comes sooner than the last job as I can't thrive for very long without the money. That just sounds so awful yet, when the bill collectors start calling, they don't care what your story is.If anyone has any thoughts on future work for me, please contact me. I am serious. At the moment. I am trying to figure out which burger flipping place is the better option...sad but true. Like the song says: I gots ta get paid!