The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

And Now A New Beginning Or Is It The End?

It seems that many people I know have suffered a loss this year. Whether it be the loss of a job, a loved one, pets, independence, you get the picture,it has been a trying time for many: including myself.

My losses however,have been through my one choices. I chose to sell my Canadian horse as we didn't see eye to eye and I honestly can't justify paying to keep her as I am not benefiting in this relationship. She is best suited elsewhere where she would be used. As for the sheep,I made the decision that an aggressive ram that is busting up my barn not just in breeding season, also must go. However, he is not suited on a hobby farm or small farm in fact..I hate to think of sending him to the salebarn..And Trickster,same thing. The surgery required to correct his issue is just not feasible for a wether. It sounds glib but,there will be more. It's that simple. When you breed, you will get rams and the old can be replaced with a better suited prospect.

So there it was decision made. I don't eat lamb or mutton but I had decided that the best thing for these two was the abbattoir. They have both had good lives here and the most difficult part in all this is for me to come to the decision. Letting go is definitely the most difficult thing when you have seen them born on your own farm.

I was about to post them to be picked up for a small fee as I can't afford to bring them in anywhere when a FB friend posted that her sister and partner had had their freezer full of meat stolen. The two had worked on a CSA farm and made preserves and sold them in exchange for the meat. All that hard work gone. Of course they were disappointed but they saw that the problem went deeper than that. Who feels the need to steal food? Ponder on that.

So I contacted my cyber friend and offered the two boys provided they were picked up as I have no means of transportation. So,on Monday,they were loaded up and on their way to the Kingston are. The abbattoir is run by what is left of the Kingston Penn farm program, or something to that effect. Inmates work there providing them with another trade and some life changing experiences like witnessing the birth of animal and even assisting in the process.

Above is what I was brought by the hard working young man  and his girlfriend. He even bought some of my wool to support my business. And, if possible, he may even process the hides for me. I was in awe. Something terrible for both parties and with a bit of networking, it has turned into something  good, something rewarding almost. I still shed some tears but I know that the boys have fulfilled a purpose; just not the one I had originally planned.