The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July; How Many More ??

Here we are, nipping at the heels of August. The days are cooler and a bit shorter and the sky is not as brilliant as it was a few weeks ago. ( the yellow is because the blog would not let write anything.. so this how I got around it.) It seems that we wait so long for the warmer longer days and suddenly, they are numbered and fading. Especially so if the previous weather was unpleasant. However, what can one do but shrug it off and continue living one's life?

On Friday, Vanessa from Booth Boys Barn came over and took away a few roosters. Sadly, roosters can be undesirable as there really needs only be a few to a flock. However, due to my fascination with color, I kept a few too many. It was time to select a few to find other homes. The problem is a creation of my own. I know full well that their fate may not be a pleasant one. I only hope, if it was to be so, that it was quick. One of the roosters was J.J.- my very first hatchling who became aggressive. I realize now, I should have done this-shipping off of roos much sooner. My guilt prevented me from it . In exchange for my stock, Vanessa gave me one of her hens "Buffy", who took to the place right away,  a welcome addition.

So, Karberry Farm is still filled with color but I must say, it is far quieter. I am liking this far too much. I still have quite a few roos but some are for breeding purposes and not just for a color whim.

I have started some Christmas knitting. I hate to admit it but in order to have something completed, one must plan ahead. I've discovered that some knitting, plain or boring does have it's rewards. While watching something educational or for entertainment, there is a certain comfort knitting some stranded mittens in a not so complex fair isle pattern or a garter stitch shawl with short rows creating a ruffled edge. I agree with challenging oneself to learn different techniques and varieties... but if they are causing grief, forget it. Life is too short to start a pattern over and over... Put it away and knit something else. There are many other patterns to choose from and my time is of value to me. As summer starts to fade, it makes me wonder how many more summers I have left to enjoy? And the key element here is to enjoy everything!

Here is what I"ve been working on: A lace scarf using sock yarn. It's not blocked. Easy to follow!

Monday, July 22, 2013


This not having a camera to take decent photos is getting to me. Missed moments.. I can only store so much in the already crammed recesses of my mind. I could convey everything I felt fascinating to you using words but that would then be a novel and way too long...and probably as boring as____________.(fill in the blank.)

 Recently, I discovered that selling chicks was a quick way to make some extra dollars. But not that many dollars. It fits in with a farm "business model". Farming is very much a business. Every creature here should earn it's keep or contribute to it's own survival. So, what does that say about keeping horses? They're not called hayburners for no good reason. The fact that I have one at a museum leaves me with a certain chill about the future of these animals in these tough economic times.

Last night, I trashed a knitting project. Yup, took a look at it and was totally dismayed at the look of it. Now, this was something I worked on a few rows here and there and there you have it: wonky stitches that look like, well.. not very nice. I pulled the needle out and started thinking. We're on the last stretch  of July...yeah, you know where I'm going with this. Think colder weather and the most stressful time of the year. I have not started anything for that. Perhaps I should....just think on it...or make a worthiness list....or not!!!

 I am stuck at home again until the truck is repaired-again. The curse of it all is I have no chocolate in my stash. On the job search, still nothing except employers thinking that they can trick me by saying why don't you join our sales team ? In other words, access my database from my previous sales work= NO MORE COMMISSIONED SALES. In fact the last person who tried that I did send an email  asking if it was not an administrative position that was advertised??? The 2 promising ones I saw yesterday, well I could not proceed as a user agreement would not open and another would not accept the password I had just created...karma.

Must skirt more fleece......

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?? (in my mind)

I've been asked by my oldest son on a few occasions,if I could meet a celebrity, "Who" would I like to meet?..My answer: "Dead or alive? "For this exercise we will stick to the living: much easier to contact for the time being. anything, that would depend very much on my mood. After some thought on the matter,one person comes to mind. Someone with whom I believe I would surely enjoy an evening discussing, conversing and laughing..

For certain, one person would probably do most of the discussing and that would not be myself. This celebrity has done so much, that one evening would only whet my appetite for all the creativity he has to offer. Yes it is a man. A man who is still alive and is struggling with the demons of sometimes ending it all. Depression is a very real disease. I occasionally flutter around the cusp of that bi-polar monster. Scintillating, fascinating and humorous are words that I would use to probably describe how all ensued.

Now, since this is Blog and I am  at the helm of how things go, I think this is a fascinating topic and encourage everyone to think on it.It's not as daunting as" You're stranded on an island and you have but one book to keep with you: which one is it??" Oh the pressure....Doesn't keep up at night but again, being a mutable person, it is a difficult decision. I need a book for all seasons, all moods etc...

My dinner date is not impossible but highly improbable as I, little(not so much in girth but in height) middle aged me,does not socialize in the same circles as said celebrity. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he could read this?? ..and subsequently laugh. My recent admiration for this man came about when watching an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are". I have been researching my own family tree and have come upon a few roadblocks. So far nothing terrible has occurred, to my knowledge except for an estate being misappropriated and every generation after that, poor but hard working and enjoy a glass or two or three...

His family story did have some very unpleasant surprises. His sensitivity and determination to find out a bit more, knowing that the outcome could possibly be terrible had me sold on his being just like everyone else-human. It is in these moments that the celebrity stops being and the true person you are comes out. There is little to be done in the way of hiding anything so deeply rooted.

Alas, I will not be waiting by the phone to ring or running to the mail box for my invitation.Nor will I be stalking the man in hopes of this opportunity to come to realization. In my mind, the event has already occurred and I will cherish the moment always. Oh, my dinner date was Stephen Fry.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stranger, Not So Much Danger...

The other day, after I discovered the little surprise, a man came calling. He had been turned around with some misguided directions, saw the egg sign and thought"Why not ask here?" So, he asked about eggs, asked for directions and was completely mesmerized by the chickens and the cats. So much so, he wanted to take a look about. Why not? Sure, if this was the city I would be thinking he was casing the place. So, he even took a few photos as he toured. He also showed me some pics of his cats on his camera. Physically he reminded me of my Father yet not so much with the cat love though.

He was thoroughly enchanted with it all. Admitted he was from the city. I asked which one. Same city I'm from I told him. He was a bit surprised and I knew this by the lifting of the eyebrows. So, here I am, showing another person about the yard. For a few minutes of my time and theirs, I've managed to make someone happy even if it is only for a few minutes. It's an incredible thing as he was a stranger after all.

The boys being home this summer has curtailed my computer time. The problem with this is not so much the lack of Blogging time and Ravelry time etc... but the fact that it's my bloody computer and I should be able to be on whenever, 24/7 if I so wanted!! We do not have satellite tv, so youtube, netflix renting movies etc...there is the entertainment. Meanwhile chores are piling up and I refuse to do anymore washing of towels if I don't even get to use one!!(buggers) Washing dishes and as I do them a stack of dirty comes out of nowhere!! The issue is they are all old enough to know better and are getting away with murder. So, today, I knit, spin, sit my butt in front of the computer for however long as I wish. "Buy your own! " I exclaim.. followed by "If you don't like it, pick a door. There are many to choose from here and watch it doesn't hit you on the way out!!" Can you feel the love?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What A Wonderful Surprise!!

This morning, while moving the chicken tractor, I noticed a hen out grazing. She wasn't far from the meat birds. Thing was, I hadn't let the chickens out yet..They usually come over and try to eat the meat birds' feed while I'm moving the tractor about, so less trouble if they wait until I'm done. If you recall, I had been given a bunch of hens from the owner of the last 3 sheep I had purchased. Well, I hadn't seen her for ages. I thought she had been eaten by a predator. It happens. She and a few friends had taken to perching in the trees at night, much like turkeys do...

Sometimes my hens sneak out from under the bottom of the coop and I soon expected to see a few more of the smaller ladies joining this one. But wait, what is that sound? I've heard it just recently , in the house as my eggs are hatching 3 days early!! Well, look at that! She hatched some chicks!! All on her own. After I completed the feeding and watering and relocating of the might meats, I slowly approached to check them out. Holy cow!! There are about 15 of them!! Mostly look like Mom, who is black but there was a brown striped one and a silvery grey with white...Hmm. And here I am with an incubator full that looks to be a successful hatch this time around... 6 so far... I am not complaining. I am tickled pink that I finally have a hen that can do what Nature intended for her to accomplish!

Here are a few with Momma hen in the background.

Her nest is located in the base of a tree trunk. I am so glad to see the little ones as just 2 night prior, we received a real soaker around midnight that lasted some time and flooded a few fields. It also resulted in me going out at night trying to get the might meats to higher ground. I was wading in inches of water...sadly 1 chicken did drown. It was then I decided that I was not attempting a third batch this year. Too many losses within this first batch already.

On a knitterly note, I am knitting a shawl, almost completed another.. and washing Misty's fleece. I have half done... you certainly do lose a lot after skirting and washing. It is an amazing color. Too bad I don't have a decent camera too capture it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July? Where Is The Sun??

It's July. Looking at the color of the sky, I'd say November or February. As it stands, I don't like theses shades of grey with all the shades of green. I much prefer the greenery highlighted by sunlight...these moments are few and far between this Spring..oh yeah, it's Summer now!! Who knew?? Well, things must still be tended to, although challenging to clean eavestroughing and paint fences when rain is imminent or forecasted for the next 4 days...

It surely is a contrast to last summer and is it any different in the end result? So, not a farmer by trade, I have observed enough to come to the conclusion that one , like investments, must diversify in order to gain more profit in case crops don't yield or die off etc... So, in my corner of the world, if you are fortunate enough to hold a milk quota, you also do crops. The milk quota pays the bills, the crops keep everyone's more complicated than that but you get the idea. So, I feel badly for the folks who sell Farm CSAs. You buy a share and in return you get vegetables...So far. Strawberries are the only bumper crop I've heard of, besides mosquitos!!

So here's a pic of something not entirely green and not grey!

I still have some fleece for sale. I will be contacting the Mill to see how far down the waiting list I am....