The farm house

The farm house

Monday, September 7, 2015

Heat, Stress and Falling Leaves...

It's hot. Unusually hot for September. In fact, there has been a heat warning for the last few days. Apparently this is foreshadowing for the mild Fall and Winter that will inevitably come and go and leave some memories behind.The heat reminds of back to school for myself as a very young girl. Heading back to school with brand new clothes, which were meant more for October or November weather. I was very sweaty indeed. Much like now.

We have suffered two cold winters in a row so a break will be nice for the animals and the pocketbook. In my spare moments which means any time I am not feeding animals, cleaning the house or working, I am attempting to clean fleeces. I say attempting because no one cares to stand outside in this heat unless they need to. It's been very hot in the evenings also so that option is nullified. Meanwhile knitting for a few sales for this Fall and winter takes place and Farmers' market on  Sunday is still part of the routine. Really, there is no more flexibility in my schedule. That is, until I called my Mother to wish her Happy Birthday.

Misty's fleece soaking in a bath of hot water:
It's a good thing her fleece is a brown color, the water was just as dark though!!
Always a strained relationship, I really must take my Mother's issues caused by dementia with a lump of salt and not a grain. This time, she took the cake. Apparently one of the regular girls who goes in to help her out(which my Mother insists is a waste of time) well, my Mother called her mouthy and wanted her to leave. She also claimed that they come whenever they want and it limits her being able to go anywhere.. Ah, well. Mom is frustrated. She can't drive and doesn't go out for walks so she is lashing out because she is unable to do what she wishes, People coming and going insisting that they can help just reminds her of her incapabilities.

I decided to call the folks who come and help and was re-assured of what was happening. I then spoke to  a case worker who also shares my belief that my Mother should move to a retirement home before she is forced into a long -term care facility.It's a tough call with a losing battle on your hands. My Mother is convinced that she is fine where she is, unable to do anything or go anywhere and refuses to move because why pay when you don't have to?

It's time for me to tell her she no longer has a choice as she is high risk for falling and can barely give herself her insulin anymore. We, that is myself and the entire medical team involved, believe that she has stayed in her home long enough and the time has come to move to a safer place. Which means she must sell her home to afford staying in one of these places.

 Today, I am knitting and hugging a lamb because some day, it may be my turn to leave my home and I want to remember how it feels and the joy it brings and be able to hang on to that if my mental faculties are taken from me. We never know when it will be our last season....