The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New digs for chicks & reclaiming my space!

Well, I moved the little stinkers out and have reclaimed my knitting room,! I even cleaned it up and have books, a table & a couch, albeit a sagging one for my comfort and the cats too.
I seem to be working in a green phase lately and I don't mean eco-friendly green. The color green has always been 1 of my favorites. As I have been saying that this year is my knitting year and I am using up stash, I have started Snowcloud Cardigan by Littletheorem. So far I am enjoying the different construction of this piece. I am using wool-ease-egads. As I mentioned using up stash in all forms.

 I have started a pullover also but fell out of interest as 1 of my darling large dominant cats peed on the yarn. Yes, he's fixed but there are 2 large dominant males and it is not unusual for this behaviour to occur but must it be on my yarn?/ The yarn has been washed. I will continue on Snowcloud in green. Also on the needles is a lace scarf in Silk Twist by Handmaiden also green...
The scarf is not complete, so not blocked. I am looking forward to learning how to dye yarn like this!! Add that to using my own fleece, wow!

I have really enjoyed my time at home with my animals & letting my creative self be amused but I know it is coming to an end & I will have to return to the work mode once again: and not be broke!
Here are a few pics of happenings at the farm:
Forsythia in March

Tessa in mud & sun

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring it On!

The February Lady Sweater has been completed! -yes before St. Patty's Day.
 I wore it to the gathering in Kingston. Please forgive the quality of photos as either the cameras here are not working or a cat has chewed the usb cord. All photos are taken via Blackberry...

I am so enjoying the incredibly sunny & warm weather. It certainly has lifted my spirits! Since I have been off work for some time, I have taken advantage of that situation and have baked more, hatched chicks earlier, knit more for myself and today, I have planted seeds indoors. Since the weather is cooeprating I though I may as well go with the flow. So far tomatoes, squash & zucchini have been planted. I may purchase another box & plant different tomatoes & pumpkins. Everything else I can buy from nurseries or stores.
This evening, I will be moving the chicks to a small coop, just for themselves. They are popping the tops off the brooders and they smell!! I want my studio back.I will be experimenting with diatomaceous earth as a insect repellent and natural dewormer. Can't hurt!
I also signed up for a retreat/workshop in Wakefield today. I deserve it and investing in oneself is never a loss. So, I believe by what I've been told that I may start working in April. Not fun but I do need the funds to move on with my plans. Now, off to put clothes out on the line!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gearing up for St. Patrick'sDay

Yes I's been some time. Many things have happened but not necessarily very happy or positive things, so I will refrain from spreading the negative vibe. On a positive note the weather has been awesome! Sure we had some snow Friday night but by today, it should be setting off my sump pump with a vengeance.

My February Lady Sweater should be completed before I meet up with a few folks who went on the Knitting tour of Ireland. We are gathering at Wool-Tyme in Kingston thanks to Anne Woodall owner & fearless leader of the trip. How fitting to discuss Ireland & remember highlights of the trip on St. Patty's Day!We will  also be discussing the itinerary of the next knitting trip: Italy! I am intrigued but I would prefer Iceland or Norway.. perhaps another year.

Meanwhile, one of my sheep, Clarice, is looking huge! She has long fleece which is awesome but she most definitely is getting round. Twins?? Triplets?? Only time will tell as she is very skittish and won't let me get too close. She will however take a carrot from my hand..but that's it. See the bump on her side? There's an equally large one on her other side also. She still has 2 months to go!

The chicks are thriving. They seem to be the biggest chicks I've ever hatched...and we have lots of eggs. If you are nearby, please stop in and have some! They are wonderful colors. Kids love them as they are Easter eggs to them and they taste good.

This week is March break, so I will have to boot the kids off the computer & continue with my job search. The saga continues but the bills can't wait. So, if you folks know of any openings, please let me know... I need to buy some fencing for the sheep and it don't come cheap!