The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Vintage Weekend

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon at Upper Canada Village on behalf of the Ottawa Knitting Guild. Other tables were set up to display rug hooking, the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild, Bobbin Lace, needle felting, ..there was also a large walking wheel and a quilt display that was pieced by some folks in South Dundas.... Ironically, I knew people from every boothe except bobbin lace. But, I went over for a few minutes and they kindly showed me how it was done!!Bobbin Lace making is another craft that needs more folks in order not to disappear.

Rare Breeds Canada was also there and we know each other well. I find that if you have a critter that is considered rare, you often have another. So, today Tessa was loaded up and sent to Cumberland Village Museum. What a beautiful spot!! She is spending her time there with a Clydesdale mare named Misty.

Tessa decided to start pacing and showing off her floaty trot and suddenly came to a stop. Stock still, head raised and staring off in the distance. She was listening to the sound of an outdoor mass being held at the park . A few folk complimented me on her appearance and it was then that I decided that I should breed her to keep those genes and bloodlines going before she gets too old. I was also inspired by a Canadian at Upper Canada Village yesterday who was with her 10 day old foal. So, I had better save some pennies for that!!

Misty from Mountain Meadows Clydesdales

The mares listening to mass!

Monday, June 17, 2013

My New Web Logo!

A few weeks ago, a lady had come by to purchase some eggs. While here, she asked if she could take some photographs of the animals and farm, but specifically the chickens. Well of course I said. I understand how sources of inspiration can come about and anything to help an artist-I'm in.

We began chatting and I mentioned how I was a bit conflicted on a website logo for the farm. Well, she takes photos and then sketches them and also paints them. So, she said in exchange for the privilege of the photos, she would sketch something.

She returned this weekend, with some photos for me and a sketch. She has also painted and exhibited some featuring my chickens and Tessa.

So, what do you think? I briefly told her what I would like and here it is. I was very impressed. By the way, it's Liam's head on the left.
Her business name is Paintings To Order and her name is Carrie Keller 613-774-1906 she's in Winchester. she said there is something funky happening with her website so maybe call or email

I am very pleased. So now, no excuses to get started on the website!! But I need to go to the feed store!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To Fleece Or Not To Fleece...

The weather here has been less than acceptable. However accept it we must as we can't change  the weather. We can change our destination. My destination of late has been indoors due to all the rain. I have realized that I may suffer from SAD-seasonal affective disorder. I need light and lots of it. I can't thrive in an office without a window or work in a basement.(done both) So, with all the gllom and doom of the clouds, I seek out my studio with skylights. I also seem to be attracted to the heatlamps for the turkey brooders like a moth to a flame. The turkeys are in my studio. I have 14-fingers crossed that there are no more losses.
Everyone and everything seem to be moving at a sluggish pace...including my cleaning of fleece and knitting.

I currently have 1 fleece that's almost entirely skirted and needs a few washes. The color is quite unique: 3toned start from taupe brown to chocolate brown to blonde tips. Wonder how that will spin up?? I'm debating on what to do with the fleeces..Sell them? Have them processed? Sell the processed end product? Keep it all for myself?? tough choices....

As I write, the sun is toying to make an appearnace or make us plead to come out for just a little longer.I've also discovered that while sequestered due to weather, I need a camera to take much better photographs for the blog and I could use with a laptop- my very own, nobody, under pain of death touch it, device. All 3 boys, my husband and prodigal son's girlfriend are all trying to use some kind of digital devices and argue about who's next etc...Buy your own I say to them yet I know I will have to pull it out of thin

I am currently knitting a blast from the past. It is the Sunburst Pullover by Norah Gaughan, featured in Interweave Knits Summer 2002!! I remember attempting it once before, but never finished. If it works out, and fits properly, it will only require just over 4 balls to complete!! A very frugal consumption of wool indeed. Should be done this weekend.*(*good intentions lead to.. which is why I don't like to give deadlines)