The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Is A Shooting Star...

August is, the month for hay cutting, harvesting some crops, corn on the cob and meteor showers. This past week has been amazing for viewing this phenomenon. Many August nights in my youth I've spent gazing up into the sky, waiting, watching and marvelling at it all.

Now that I'm older, I can still say that the best way to view the shooting stars is from the hood of a car or truck. Although older is also heavier and now I don't dare scramble up onto the hood of any vehicle for fear that I may leave more than a footprint behind. Growing up, I would visit my Father's family in Saskatchewan. Open Fields are great viewing areas. The fields with their unobstructed views become auditoriums in the evening.

Whether viewing in the east or west, none of us were astronomers and could only identify the most popular constellations. It did not hamper the entertainment value.

August is also fair time locally. I do not frequent them but they do have a lot of the old fashion content that it should have. I don't go on rides, nor do I like country music so spending $20 to simply peruse the vegetables, jams etc is pretty steep. My boys usually go as it is a social thing for them. I am not helping with the horse show this year and it's nice to see some other folks becoming involved.

August is my planning month for things that I want to see taken care of before the colder weather arrives instead of being surprised by snow. It is a long way off but, theses things are out of our control...
much like the changing of the leaves that is occuring to a few of my maples. Beauty and sadness in one dose:it also leaves me in awe, much like the shooting stars.

Friday, August 2, 2013

What Is Going On??

This morning, I was awakened by the dog barking at something it had seen outside. Too early to feed the critters, so I caught up on some online forum reading. In the manner of minutes, I near spit out my coffee a couple of times. Here is why:

It is with great sadness that I am announcing that all of my barn animals are for sale.
I need to part with all my feathered and furred friends by the end of September.

I have had a successful career in the services part of banking from 2001 to 2010. I got it in my head that I could help our clients more by going into a lending role (sales) and have really struggled over the past 3 years.

I had a good talk with my manager and last week with her manager and it was “suggested” that I accept a demotion to a starting position (non sales). This change in position will have a significant impact on my income.

I have done the math and I can not afford to continue to live on the farm. (We currently rent out our house and rent a small 2.5 acre house with barns.)
As y’all know, these birds do not support themselves. (Nor do they generate income!)

I have set in place a 7-10 year goal of finding a property similar to what we are currently living on. (Our landlord wants WAY too much to purchase the property)
At that time I will start again and try and build the sustainable small farm that I have been working for the past 2 years to create. 

WOW! This is from someone from whom I bought hatching eggs!! 

Another post elsewhere: Update Summer 2013

However, we are currently in the process of growing new young chicks to replace our own home flock which we have kept for egg production for ourselves. So as of the fall 2013, we will be looking to rehome about 3 mature (2 yr old) breeding groups each of both partridge and white birds, each consisting of a rooster and about 7 or so hens.

If you might be interested in buying of or more of these groups, please inquire with us re price and availability. Please note - we do not ship. These are for sale on a strictly farm pick up basis.

Thank your for your interest in, and patronage of our heritage poultry over the years! 
Last summer, we made the realization that due to the time, expense and many government hassles associated with having and running a small farm, we have sadly pretty much been driven out of the business of raising and selling heritage poultry.
So, what's a gal to think?? I've suffered the job change-still am. All the folks flocking(pun not intended) to the whole homesteading, sustainability lifestyle should do some research. As I have said to many before, farming is a business. Big or small. If it does not generate income or add to the business plan, dump it. So, how do people end up liquidation their stock in the first place? Think business model. Too big too fast, start up costs was more than budgeted, no return or very little return on investment...
For most small holders, a job loss is the biggest kick in the pants. Many folks I know can't make their farm their sole source of income. Reality check, how much are municipal taxes, hydro, heat and feed for one month?? That would be for me, a commercial laying operation to get close to paying that.I haven't yet touched on what the province allows one to do or have to be a small flock or farm gate sales business.
So, self sustaining food wise for part of the year- sure. It can be done. winter is a challenge. Unless you can, freeze or have a root cellar you buy your food elsewhere. Groceries can be expensive but relatively speaking, eating is the cheapest thing you can do...