The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New-old boxes

Recently I've noticed a lot of traffic for the nesting boxes at the same time every day....Hens are funny- when the feel ready to lay, that becomes the main focus. The problem here is too many at once & hens going in 2 at a time resulting in some broken eggs. Since I am home to observe this, I provided the hens with alternate options but they don't seem to be falling for them. So, on Friday, hubby & I built some more boxes, using scrap wood from a job site. We are frugal as we must be and I'm sure the chickens don't mind how they look. It's all about functionality.
Hopefully, this will rectify the problem. I will be adding more hens to my flock after the auction on Apr. 28th in South Mountain. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Spencerville sale- not happy about it, but that's life.
Shearing day at Shirley Browsky's farm has been moved to next weekend and I do believe my farrier is coming next plans are getting shot lately. I will be searching for a lift to guild on Monday because I really would like to hear about the rare sheep breeds.
My new pattern for a sock is ready to be test knitted. I had the awkward moments of changing things every other row and settled on something that is not complicated but interesting to knit. 4 round repeat-super easy to follow. It is after all the beginning!My plan is to create kits of my own yarn(giggle) as I only have 2 sheep and not enough wool to process...But next year, my flock will have doubled if nothing else.So, the designing has begun. I am looking forward to creating more!1 month from now, the sheep will be shorn and approaching lambing! I have been cleaning out the barn and mwntally taking note of how to expand space. I have decided on creating a few more pens using skids-palletts.Economical and sturdy. I have discovered that with sheep, if you see a space where you think they may be able to get out, they will.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter All!

It is Easter Sunday and all is the same. Except for something I discovered that will change knitting for myself for ever.... In this journey called life, I seemed to have lost something.. and found it elsewhere. The discovery came about as I investigated my disatisfaction of 2 garments I had knitted for myself. My tension is good, the garments bigger than I would like: that meant only 1 thing....I am smaller than I thought.

Indeed- I started with bust measurements and lo & behold...I have lost my chest!! How the heck does that happen? I am not a thin person but holy is only gone from there?? And guess where I found it? I suspected some time ago where I've added to my measurements. I was walking to the store- after child #2 I think, it's all a blurr-and my arms swinging kept hitting something. Yup, that something was where space was before.. ny hips/ass if you will. Once an hour glass shape to a pear. I don't know if that's a good thing but it certainly has repercussions for me as a knitter knitting for myself.

So if your knitting is off size  please take your measurements again...gravity sucks!

I am almost done with sleeves/back to Snowcloud... I am liking the simplicity. I am watching the Rosemary & Thyme series while knitting this. I have also finished a pair of socks for myself ( feet are wider after children)

I have also begun a pair of socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road...time to put some of this on Ravelry.....