The farm house

The farm house

Monday, November 19, 2012

I've Created...A Brat !!

They warned me, I'd read about it.. but you never think it will happen to you.Up until  an hour & half a go. I want to forget about it but the lesson learned is important. You see, I was rammed. Yup, the cute little suck face didn't like the fact that I had ignored him while reaching for the water bucket. I had broken the golden rule of sheep keeping: Don't turn your back- especially to a male, especially to a horned species!!

This was the first occurence. It may not be the last. You can apply this rule to just about any other barn critter. Happily, it wasn't painful just a mere reminder and sadly a reality that the lambs do grow up. Magnus, the bad boy was told off as he stood there. All he wanted was his chin scratched. He walked away after I did that, like nothing had happened.

Today I am going to be emailing around the sheep community to see if I can have my ladies bred. I'm figuring it's probaly cheaper to buy another ewe or a ram but I don't want to deal with a ram after today, one who may mean serious business. I need to do my own maturing about my level of competence when it comes to rams. So not ready yet.

I am also working on egads, Christmas knitting. Even though...I said I would not. I did and continue to knit Christmas gifts. Only for the worthy and appreciative and needy such as the men folk who reside in the same house as I.Today is another beautiful sunny day and I must shovel. Not the white stuff but the dark stuff that animal provide endlessly. The back of the barn was not cleaned yesterday as the horses did not want to move when I was available...Good thing I don't keep a tight schedule around here.

Happy Knitting folks!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Small Incremental Changes...

Already, half the month has flown by. As I age, I do wonder how things happen so quickly or do they? Is it just an awareness that certain moments do need to be cherished and captured and some left and forgotten? Is it a silent race to get to the finish line? Part of my problem is that I do take time ro ponder these things. After all, I have the time to do so....

Lately, waking up and setting out to do chores in the morning has begun to be just that.. a chore. It's dark, cold(not as cold as it could be) and more time consumming now that I must replace frozen water for turkeys and some chickens...At least I have not been burdened with shovelling the fluffy white stuff yet.My sheep are very social and love to greet someone especially if they have food of some kind.

A year ago, I did not have sheep. January is when the ewes arrived. End of April is when the boys were born and now I have 4 more wonderful fleeces awaiting me. Not that long a time really. As I trudge in the morning, I wonder when will the weather really change? I think all folk who farm or raise animals are very mindful of the weather and what it brings. 

On Monday, I took this photo :

Moments before this was taken a flock of turkeys were travelling the field.
Today's photo, same view, sunny but with frost covering the landscape. 5 days and there is a change. Colder, less daylight. Theses are inevitable changes. Now how about what I can change as an individual?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day

Today, the 11th of November is Remembrance Day in Canada. A single day devoted to remembering folks who paid the ultimate price in defending us, our nation, our rights, our freedom. Many were injured, many never seen again. Sad times indeed.

As a Canadian, I feel very fortunate that none of these battles were ever fought here. One simply needs to visit any of the European countries to see the remnants of some neighborhoods. Very much like visiting Halifax and noting that there are newer homes in a section of old homes- thanks to the blast in the harbour so many years ago.

I can't forget this day as my Father was a former military member. He did not serve in any wars but must have been prepared to do so if required. Many parades I have viewed with Dad leading his men.I have a cousin who seved in Afghanistan who has come back a changed man. I also have another cousin who is in Afghanistan serving in a Eupol mission(policing) As I have no siblings, cousins were important to me- still are despite the fact that we are scattered all over the planet. So, I worry for them. And yet, I am grateful that war is not at my heels. That my house is still intact, my livestock not killed, I have not been raped or that I need witness anyone being murdered or blasted. Many more reasons to be grateful for certain.

Poppies are the symbol for this special day as poppies "grow amongst the crosses, row on row". I believe the maple leaf in our flag is also very symbolic. It looks kind of silly but if you think about where that leaf came from, one leaf on a huge solid maple tree, you can really feel what one maple leaf represents. Strength, fortitude, solidity, timelessness, unity. The next time you see a maple tree, take a look and imagine the power within if all the leaves that were on the branches were individuals, soldiers working on your behalf. I feel better already.