The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Darknes is upon me when I wake up and head out to do morning chores. Soon it will be as equally dark for evening chores. Such is how life is. You can't prevent nature from taking it's course.You may interfere but not necessarily.. you know what I mean.

I've been doing a lot of pondering about my life recently. I earmark everything from the time I've moved to this house 1) Still broke- need to fix that 2) More fulfilled in the artistic sense 3) Jobs suck... 4)I like being home creating and being with my animals So having said that, signs are pointing to doing what I thought would be a yarn shop from the house. I've been repeating that for some time but need venture capital for inventory.

Another interesting tidbit I discovered about myself is that I secretly want to live in a fictious world of a deceased painter. Sounds like some kind of silly story line for some kids' movie doesn't it? Years ago, I fell in love with this man's work. I own many 1000 pce jigsaw puzzles of his work that I have glued together and hang on my walls.Charles Wysocki seems to depict a lifestyle and time to which I can relate and would love to belong to. You can view some of his work here: and also purchase calendars prints etc...

Could this be one of the reasons that I am feeling that I don't quite fit in anymore? Or is it just my creative soul coming to the forefront? An incident at work most recently has made me take notice of what motivates some people...and why does karma sometimes take too long? What it really did was open my eyes to how unfair things are and my instincts, the ethical part in me does not compute hence can't get over the bad. And so, no longer want to be part of that- life is too short to give in to other people's stresses. So back I go to my fantasy life captivated in someone's brush strokes.

I've been experimenting with hand painting and yesterday's attempt was a success! So, may try some more today. I must clean the back of the barn as the farrier comes today.. more money I don't have but the horsies need their pedicures whereas I haven't had a haircut in almost a year. Contemplating a radical change there...Or maybe I'll start a puzzle.....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scattered Thoughts, Scattered Leaves...

I was recently told by a fellow creative that I should Blog more here is an attempt at purging my thoughts. Yesterday was very productive for me as I designed a mitten pattern-on paper- which means it will be altered a dozen times before test knitting. Nothing complicated, just something for when I get my shop going and will be using my own wool! Yes folks, all this time sitting at home thinking, I could be making money if my shop were opened...If...2 lettters that can keep you up at night or keep you going with steadfast determination.

I firmly believe that things happen for a reason. The fact that I only work on Saturdays, when the car is available is not a sign to be ignored. Things are pointing me to this direction , the woolly path, and I must admit, I would rather be my own boss; a nice compassionate one....

Another thing that popped into my mind was Wool Week in Shetland is well underway. Now that would be an awesome event to attend! Well, why not go next year? I've a year to find funds. Then I thought, things like these are better shared with folks who share similar tastes and interests... so why not organize a tour??? Perhaps more of a group of folks to attend wool week together? There is so much happening and you don't have to attend it all & many things there are free. So if any of you readers( I know you're out there lurking) are interested, probably easier if you were from the Ottawa area or could get here...planning stages at this point. Let me know what you think! Leave a comment or message me on Ravelry showmethemoney is my user name!

Today's tasks at Karberry Farm are not so creative. We must replace a window in a door of the house as the weather is much colder, we need that gap filled. The cold air is creeping into the office as I type. I will also be building my turkey coop in the barn so that they have indoor shelter. So off I go....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

Yesterday I had started this blog entry and it disappeared while I was adjust the position of some photos- not impressed. So here we are again.

So, that enclosure I erected of electrified tape, 4 strands to be correct = epic failure. On Monday we decided to let the sheep out into the pen. The leader, the black ewe, went in and then made a spectacular leap between the top and 2nd strand! I stood in amazement, thinking now what? Holy crow, portable electric netting will be a must.Those of you with sheep will be saying , yeah saw that coming but I had to try because:  a) use it, b) be frugal. I am now rich in experience !

On Friday, fitting for thanksgiving weekend I made a new acquisition to Karberry Farm. No, not sheep, not yet....Turkeys!!! A breeding pair of Narragansetts! They are from this Spring's hatch. The Seller was going to be by the area so hubby picked them up in Kemptville. They are in the chicken tractor acclimatising to our yard. Soon, their pen will be ready...provided I have access to a vehicle that works... So hopefully in the Spring I will have poults- hubby approves of this and he is already hustling for sales next year.. The feathers are beautifully colored with patterns to boot! I am starting to see it as how I create my flocks- by color!

I also experimented with overdying some wool. Originally, they were dyed with plant material. So, I started with some of the paler stuff.
Not a great photo, but there is a variation in the colors. The outside of the cake is darker. When wound into skeins to dry, the colors are awesome. These are ideal for 1 hank projects. I will be handpainting something today...stay tuned.

I leave you with a photo of some of the roosters. If anyone would like one, please let me know!