The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Choose Before You Lose Your Memory.

It's been some time since I've written. Partly due to time constrictions and partly because I wonder if what I would like to share is something someone wants to read. Is there something of value that anyone can glean from my outpouring of thoughts?

Well this time, I will encourage you to think about retirement homes. Yes, seriously. Retirement homes and long-term care facilities. There is a difference between the two, chiefly affordability.My Mother's dementia has put me in a position where I have had to choose from a few long-term care facilities in which she may potentially live out the rest of her days. Could be years. Who knows? Fact of the matter is that you must have a need for medical attention in order to be considered for placement. Placement is the catch word here. All residents of Ontario are entitled to care in these facilities. You can be subsidized if your pension or other source of income does not cover the basic cost. IF and that's a Big IF you desire a private or semi-private room, you pay up to $2500/month!!

Retirement homes seem like an elitist club after quoting that last number. An 8oo sq ft room can run upwards of $2700/month!! Bigger room, higher the cost as well as medical needs, add more to the cost.So these are your golden years. If you were fortunate or insightful enough to have a career that provided a pension or you managed to put savings away for such a time, I congratulate you. $3000/month is a working income not pension income for most folk I know...

My Mother insists she is going home. She is currently in Elisabeth Bruyere undergoing rehab for another stroke she has suffered. Her right hand and arm have been affected. I do believe it is time for her to move to  a safer place where she will receive the supervision and medical care she needs. No more living alone in an isolated area... My problem now is financing. The social worker at the rehab hospital says that patients here don't go to long-term care from their facility. So I pondered who will pay for a retirement home because I insist she not return home.

In saying that I realized that nobody seems to be communicating to one another as far as care workers go. Also, I realized just how stressful this all is. I will have to sell her home despite her having a decent pension but debt abounds and she will have a fit-she doesn't know what day it is nor can she give herself her insulin anymore. Yes, the guilt of having to make a decision that you know will not win you any favors. Damned if you do and damned if you don't! To me, safety and quality of life should be primary.

 So, I did lose my temper when I was informed that I must bring her clothes and take her down so she can book a phone and tv... Well, Why could they not take her down for this?? I informed them to not order me again. I live over an hour from my Mother's home, an hour from the hospital, I work full-time and I have a ride in to work , I operate a farm and I can't drive at night so just when in the HELL do you think I'll run over there?? I sounded just like my Mother.

Many people ask me if I am concerned about possibly suffering from dementia like my Mother. I say no. I do many things that keep my mind active including writing this blog post. I think back and she has suffered from it for years but had hidden it well enough, coped through the loss of many sets of keys and misplaced credit cards. No, I'm pretty sure I am alright. time will tell on this also.

Meanwhile, please take the time to consider your finances for your golden years. Selling your house to fund your retirement home costs is not out of the ordinary. At least this way you may choose where you live instead of having it put upon you and not being the most desirable locale.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Heat, Stress and Falling Leaves...

It's hot. Unusually hot for September. In fact, there has been a heat warning for the last few days. Apparently this is foreshadowing for the mild Fall and Winter that will inevitably come and go and leave some memories behind.The heat reminds of back to school for myself as a very young girl. Heading back to school with brand new clothes, which were meant more for October or November weather. I was very sweaty indeed. Much like now.

We have suffered two cold winters in a row so a break will be nice for the animals and the pocketbook. In my spare moments which means any time I am not feeding animals, cleaning the house or working, I am attempting to clean fleeces. I say attempting because no one cares to stand outside in this heat unless they need to. It's been very hot in the evenings also so that option is nullified. Meanwhile knitting for a few sales for this Fall and winter takes place and Farmers' market on  Sunday is still part of the routine. Really, there is no more flexibility in my schedule. That is, until I called my Mother to wish her Happy Birthday.

Misty's fleece soaking in a bath of hot water:
It's a good thing her fleece is a brown color, the water was just as dark though!!
Always a strained relationship, I really must take my Mother's issues caused by dementia with a lump of salt and not a grain. This time, she took the cake. Apparently one of the regular girls who goes in to help her out(which my Mother insists is a waste of time) well, my Mother called her mouthy and wanted her to leave. She also claimed that they come whenever they want and it limits her being able to go anywhere.. Ah, well. Mom is frustrated. She can't drive and doesn't go out for walks so she is lashing out because she is unable to do what she wishes, People coming and going insisting that they can help just reminds her of her incapabilities.

I decided to call the folks who come and help and was re-assured of what was happening. I then spoke to  a case worker who also shares my belief that my Mother should move to a retirement home before she is forced into a long -term care facility.It's a tough call with a losing battle on your hands. My Mother is convinced that she is fine where she is, unable to do anything or go anywhere and refuses to move because why pay when you don't have to?

It's time for me to tell her she no longer has a choice as she is high risk for falling and can barely give herself her insulin anymore. We, that is myself and the entire medical team involved, believe that she has stayed in her home long enough and the time has come to move to a safer place. Which means she must sell her home to afford staying in one of these places.

 Today, I am knitting and hugging a lamb because some day, it may be my turn to leave my home and I want to remember how it feels and the joy it brings and be able to hang on to that if my mental faculties are taken from me. We never know when it will be our last season....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

'Tis The Season To Be Pickin'

August, as I have mentioned before is the turning point for me. The sky is a different shade of blue, plants are dying off and changing color. It's the last of the high, heat and humidity months but it brings out the harvest! Lots of produce is ready to be picked and fine eats one can enjoy. But, why oh, why does it have to happen all at once??

With great and good intentions this Spring, I started plants inside. The weather, along with me working full-time did not permit me to plant what I wanted. I did plant some garlic last Fall...

So, now I have harvested my garlic and I am quite pleased with the results, I plan on planting more in October. Everything else we can forget for now. However, some good friends at the Farmers' market that I attend have LOTS of different things. I chose some pickling cucumbers last Sunday and some dill .(I did plant some but the weeds have overtaken it and it is short) I then made some pickles during an evening.

As you may know, when one works, most tasks are relegated to the weekend. These chores that I put off are usually time consuming and not very much fun. For instance, all my barn needs to be cleaned, chicken coop too. Fleeces need to be skirted and washed, shrubs need trimming... so much work not to mention trying to keep the house from looking like a tornado had been through.

So, last night my husband went to a co-workers house to pick some apples. A bit early but when they come, they come!! Sure, I enjoy apples and can make a few deserts with some. I am terrible at pie crust making, so maybe buying some would be alright...

Now, not to sound unappreciative but given the list of tasks I just mentioned, can you see where a slight problem might arise ? Specifically, what the he-- he was thinking when he picked that many apples and who did he think was going to "work" with them?

He is at the store now picking up supplies for "his" baking fest as the temperatures soar and the humidity is so high you feel like you are actually melting.

How believable would this message to my employer sound? "Yes, I;m sorry to say, but Karen won't be back as she has drowned in a pool of sweat and applesauce." My weekend date with a pitchfork and wheel barrow is looking better by the minute!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Everything Is Just Duckie!

Summer has arrived with a wallop of heat!! We wait so long for the nice sunny weather and then we seem to forget that for a few days to a few weeks, we experience extreme heat and humidity. I can truthfully say that our region is one of extremes when it comes to weather.

Keeping the birds and animals cool can be a bit of a challenge since I have entrusted this task to my son while I am away at work. My contract ends soon so he may not have to be burdened with it for much longer.

Frequent watering and access to water at all times is the key for many of my animals. Especially the ducks. It's been close to a year since I plunged into that world of farming. And, I admit that I enjoy them. In January I acquired more ducks but this time muscovies. I lost a few but acquired 2 more females from a fellow sheepkeeper and now, I can't imagine the yard without them!

Mother duck
I recently experimented with hatching muscovies in the incubator and success was had! A low hatch rate though. I also had a female sit on eggs and hatch some and currently have another sitting!!I also sell my eggs at the Farmer's market. There are quite a few duck egg enthusiasts out there but I am not one. They are wonderful in baking though!

Mature Indian Runner ducks
Muscovy ducklings
Here are a few photos of the ducks around the yard and near a leak in the hose!
2 incubator muscovies of different ages and runner ducklings
A mature pair of muscovies
a female Indian Runner duck

2 muscovy ducklings 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perspectives- Part Two

In honor of Father's Day, I am posting the story of the party held for my Father as he was leaving his home town and joining the military. Once again provided by my cousin who kind of takes over the story.

I've recently spoken to my Father and he has changed over the years. Once an avid golfer, curler and bowler he now spends his days tending to the lawn, gardens and woodworking. The hobbies may have changed but he is not an idle person.

 So, part two:
The day your dad left Quinton also carved into my mind
Ernie was popular and had a lot of cool friends.  Sorry I  cannot name them all... 
He did have a friend called " putsky " a catterpillar driver and land reclaimer plus buck toothed Tony Lovis
Howie knows these guys better than I do!
Memory of your dad s going away party...
 Bill Kauth our grandfather a true gentleman, was so proud of your dad going into the military
He invited every one from Quinton and surrounding area as befitting a proud and classy man
He was an old world gentleman and I loved him to no end
His pipe his heavy work boots his Farley Mowat and he introduced me to Mark Twain and maybe Steinbeck... but that is really along time ago
The party filled that house... I dont know if you ever went there but I spent alot of time in Quinton at Granny Granpa Kauths house became another home for me!
Uncle Charlie Kauth and Aunty Mary ~David and Irene (Greg truck's crash death 1968) Kauth's parents
Grandpas other brothers and maybe sister I cannot remember them all
Uncle Jim and Mary Sentes was there to mention only a few but...
I digress lol
My family is big we have nine kids we filled that house our self
Leanne was not yet and maybe Kirk Ward and Todd were not yet this was pretty long ago...
My dad drove us to Quinton in a 1952 Chevrolet blue and white (colour for me is memorable)
I was staying in Quinton that summer and had discovered a coin collection including a bunch of half melted gold coins that our grandfather
Brought from the old country or his family brought from the old country due to rapid inflation and currency deflation
Anyway I digress
The same preparation was to take place as the story about your mom's arrival years after this party
All to prepare us for this party so Howie and I were pretty pumped
The food was prepared ... remember in a family with so many kids food like that was so amazing plus granny is still the best cook ever!
Plus grandpa has stocked up on every kind of booze you can imagine
Whiskey (LOL) was only one of the many many drinks that night!
There was schnapps and vodka and sweet liquers and beers and wines and home brew from the Sentes' he really shelled out alot for the booze
The food and drink were suitable for your dad and showed grandpas pride in his son,your dad uncle
ME ...In awe of him too BTY
Anyway to make a long story longer I had not smoked drank or swore we lived in a Catholic Community and I really was pretty young
The heat of the moment and remember your dad was pretty highly regarded by all!
So everyone was loose with the rules
My dad and mom were there but I cant remember where or what they wrere doing
I only remember my time
I had cabbage rolls I had perogies I had ham I had turkey sandwiches lots of mayo I had pie and cookies on and on and on
HOWEVER the sweet drinks in the little glasses tasted so good
The little glasses were not like beer glasses so I didnt fear and wasn't warned about the deadly consequences
I must have lasted about an hour maybe two then I hit the WALL
 Howie, my family, our grandparents are not even a memory of that time
I was so sick I cannot stress how sick Karen
I am talking alcohol poisoning sick
I do remember that basement bathroom and I did stay conscious but
We had to leave early
My mom Edna never mollycoddled us and true to form I *%$^  nearly died on the floor in the back seat of that 52 blue and white Chevy Belair
LOL with no other concern from her than "thats what you get!"
Since this time when I was maybe ten I have been cautious of drinking and never really developed a "taste" for booze
You may laugh but I have never had such a terrible poisoning since
My liver or kidneys  now  even from  then maintain a terrible biological memory of that PARTY UNCLE ERNIE JOINED THE DND!
Hope you get something out of this I feel closer to you hope you feel the same.

After I read this, after the laughter subsided, once again I was shown a view of someone I know well, but not in that light. I'm glad he shared these memories with me. I hope you all have some fond memories of your parents to recollect.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Perspectives: Part One

While watching a hockey game one evening, I received a Facebook message from my cousin Glenn who lives in China and teaches English at a private University in Shanghai and also has a family there. Since there is a 12 hour time difference, messages are not always received or returned as promptly as one may like.

However, he sent me 2 stories about my parents. My cousin Glenn is the oldest son of my Father's oldest sister. Howie is my Father's youngest brother.Grandma was having her last child when my Aunt was having Glenn. They are weeks apart in age. So, reading these stories opened my eyes to my parents in such a way that really made me feel a tad guilty about my feelings for them. More so with my Mother as the dementia has set in and changed her memory to almost non-existent. So here is a story about my Mother before I knew her as such! Incidentally, Glenn has 8 other siblings!!

This happened the year they married or maybe the year before I cannot say but I know it was  summer holidays for me in Quinton
Typical beyond beautiful, a really nice day, blue skies day, cloudless but not those famous scorching prairie Julys.
Granny Kauth gave Howie and me maybe two week heads up ~warning that your mom was coming so this built some kind of heavy suspense for two budding teenage boys
The day is a complete memory and I cannot say why but I do remember that day vividly!
I also remember when your dad left Quinton to join the DND but...
That is another story but a complete memory too plus I almost died
I digress ...sorry
The day she arrived was a pictoral memory... like a painting
Really beautiful something like minimal painting by Mondrian
 or Impessionist Manet.
The light was so like her reddish or yellowish hair her blue dress with maybe red lipstick really beautiful lady!
Howie and I budding little nerds who were starting to find girls kind of interesting then..aged 12`13`14 really cannot pin down exactly
You could probably tell me since you were born following year
Well anyway...
Howie was a local kid and not as desirable nor exotic as I was to the local girls.
Especially "Cocker" Degelman's daughter cannot remember her name... (Shelly) yes that's it!
We had shared some letters after Bob Van Vliet goaded me to dance with her at a party at his house
Then she invited me to her birthday party later that year.
Howie teased me so much I never went.
So this Bob Van Vliet was the kid most likely to succeed
Very popular with the girls great hockey player and sports man
(He fell afoul of the Canadian police the RCMP and is or was in prison for a long stretch) diverge..
His uncle a famous U of S professor of agriculture and the other uncle a famous Canadian diplomat.
The diplomats daughter Julie Van Vliet was my first real "love"
But I diverge from your mom again...sorry
The day you mom came to meet granny and grandpa was the..
Same day as the primary colours red blue and yellow
The main memory of that July in Quinton Saskatchewan is yellow
Mainly the sun the heat and your moms attitude was very sunny in her friendly way
She was shy like you.. I think... and needed to be kind to us so really trying to be kind to Howie and me.
That day Bob Van Vliet was doing chores for Otto his dad at the "general" store
The store and the house were adjoining so they lived in the store essentially
I m sure it was Saturday and Bob was doing a garbage run.
Bob's mom Kate a fire brand who smoked like a chimney and had orange stains under her nose like
Adolf Hitler's moustache... cannot ever forget that... lol.
His dad Otto was so sainted because his wife Kate was domineering! That is an understatement too!
Anyway Bob was too busy to join us but I noticed he was trashing these tubed girdles
Never seen anything like since nor before but hey... this is something that I can use..
The girdles were packaged in tubes like Pringle potato chips and since I am a scrounger
I took one or two tubed girdles.
Awkward is an understatement but it was awkward meeting for all of us
Our granny was herself and held it all together being so nice and loving
But I digress again....
Herein lies the story...
We met uncle Ernie and your mom along the road since they had been dropped off on the highway
since they had taken the Greyhound bus to Quinton
Nothing glamorous at all, maybe dusty I really can't say.
Howie and I were not so keen on meeting this lady but your dad yes of course
Your mom tried so hard to show kindness to us but we were just nerds
We had no social skills and rural Saskatchewan we had never seen such a beautiful lady!
I am sure we were speechless.
You mom tried so hard to find some nice things to say or ask but really... Karen we were completely in awe!
Howie said nothing absolutely nada!
I think I was in shock or something and acted in some kind of reflex reaction
But your mom was so nice to us and so beautiful words cannot describe that moment
I blurted out some fat remark handed her the girdle Howie and I headed for the hills
I don't think we wanted to come home for supper hoping your mom and dad would go back to Ontario
Quebec wherever...just go away...
Remember we were just 12 or 13 and our metabolism was equal to the times
We had to come home for supper no matter what...
So after cooler heads prevailed Howie convinced me that we should go home for supper.
So embarrassing cannot describe my feelings and your mom was like princess Diana so kind and nice to Howie and me
I could have died and she even thanked me for being so kind to give her a present
The tension I felt that supper is still in my heart.
Your moms beauty kind personality and shy human contact is clear as day still over~ X~ amount of years since you were born.
I think or I know that is why I really feel a lot closer to you than you may realize~ all because of how nice your mom is!
That frikin' day I was so rude to such a beautiful lady like your mom
Before this happened was another time I vividly remember
This day was the PARTY.....
Yes,the party!! That is a story for another time indeed.



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Troubles

Dear dedicated readers,

I apologize for being an absentee blogger..However, it was not all my fault! Really!

As you may have noticed, I am never too shy to write, never at a loss for the written word. So the troubles began some time ago when I could no longer log into my blog page. Yep-what the heck!! I didn't change my password nor did I delete myself..Hmmm. My son's profile is always open. Perhaps he tried to download a new version of Chrome etc...

So I rectified the situation which was not easy as the other email address on file was my old one from the real estate days!! Plan B was then invoked. So many wonderful things and odd things I wanted to share I could not share with you which added to my frustration.

And then, one day, my whole profile disappeared from my computer!! Holy heck..what now?? All my farm info, photos, contacts..etc... ACCOUNTING!!!! Crap. Some of this stuff was backed up but trying to replace some or find it through a backdoor can be time consuming. So off the computer went to be repaired. I think I will purchase my Mom's laptop from her as she can no longer use anything like a keyboard and I need something where nobody else will disturb the status quo.

Meanwhile, the lambs have arrived, the sheep have been shorn and I am still working full-time. I am quite proud of being able to pay off some bills. It takes a lot of discipline to not blow my pay on other things. Peace of mind is priceless!

So please accept my apologies for the virtual snub-photos of lambs, fleece and much much more are coming soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

At A Loss For Words...

Yesterday I attended the AGM for the Heritage Livestock Club of Eastern Ontario. It was a good opportunity to network with folks and I learned a few things about my soil which should help with my garden this year. On Feb 23 I started a new short-term job. As a result, I don't find myself having much time for scrolling pages on Facebook and checking out new patterns on Ravelry. I still must tend to the animals when I come home.

My job is tedious and no computer nor phone on my desk. Cell phones are not allowed as I deal with confidential information and it stays that way. I am however grateful as the job is inside and clean and no heavy lifting. It will also permit me to pay a few bills and put them to bed once and for all.

Last night I tried to catch up on a few things that I had missed including the wonderful Birthday messages that folks sent. Thank you! And yet, last night I found myself crying. I was crying for someone I had never met. Make that 2 people to whom my acquaintance is merely via Facebook as we raise sheep and chickens.

This dear woman lives in Maine, with her adult son. She is retired but has difficulty using one arm. she too is a story teller and I enjoy reading some of her posts and seeing photos of her Icelandic sheep. Her last post announced that her daughter had arrived and they were headed to the funeral home. What?? Who died? Her daughter lives out of state and with all the storms recently, her flights had been delayed and cancelled one after another. I anxiously scrolled down to see if I could be enlightened .  Many stories were posted. Not her usual type of stuff and a few poems...Here I get to  a post about the township bringing her cards and helping her cut and stack firewood. Oh geez- I am thinking the worst now. Her son does all those things for her...this is looking bleak.

I then read something about her walking to the spot where her son began his spirit journey. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I did not need to read further to find out it was indeed her "right hand man" who had died and I also knew from those words that he had killed himself.

What a shame. What a loss. How horrible.. all these thoughts. Mental illness is a tough one. couple that with physical pain and well, I can't claim to understand how one's mind works. He attempted to get the help he needed but in the US, it seems different from here according to friend.

Two things I can learn from this tragedy is you never know how strong you are until you are required to be strong. And, the creative soul is not necessarily a tormented soul. It simply feels and thinks on a different plane.

Eric, may you find the peace you were looking for.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12th, Coundown is On!

It's February..and it would seem one of the snowiest and coldest in some time. Luckily today the sun is shining albeit briefly. I have a small window between the gusts of wind predicted and now to fill the horse trough. I must take the hose from the basement, through the window, attach to spigot outside, return inside to turn water on from the basement and watch and hope that water comes out and flows freely before lugging to the trough. sometimes there is ice in the hose, sometimes the tap is frozen...Awkward and time consuming.

What is getting me through these tougher days of winter is the lambing countdown! As of today 44 days until a bouncing lamb should appear. By then I also hope to see a bit of greenery, perhaps a tulip poking through the ground and song of Robins!!

Yesterday I attended the Annual Chesterville Spin-In. Always well-attended and I just scratch my head at so much talent condensed in a small space. I learned how to properly use the drum carder my friend Merrilyn Mulligan had lent me a few months ago. I had tried it, did not think what was occurring was the right thing so stopped. So, I brought it yesterday and one lady just walked past, noted that it was an older model and needed to be adjusted and she proceeded to do so! And then we played with some fleece I had washed and brought. Not only are these folks talented they are generous with their knowledge and time.

Nancy MacMillan, organizer of the event spent some time teaching a man to spin with a drop spindle. He was enthralled by it all and purchased some roving from me. He lived nearby and wanted to support local business. As did many others that day. I sold enough to pay for hay and chicken feed this week!! Now, to get more sold in order to buy panels for sheep jugs as there will be a population boom come May-about 5 ewes will deliver then.

Off I go, water the horses, grain the sheep, collect eggs and then an afternoon of knitting...I hope!
Enjoy your February day!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Those Darn Men!

About a month ago, my friend's husband collapsed after doing a fitness test for his work place. A scary week ensued as they did not know what happened and if it could happen again or can it be prevented. My friend coped very well during that week of hospitalization. I feared for him, for her and their future;the fear coming from not knowing what will happen next. It certainly made me ponder in amazement. This came out of the blue, no warning and your lives can be changed forever.

He will be returning to work in the next few weeks but on a part-time basis. I know that there are far worse scenarios such as a sudden death, however are we really prepared? What I mean by prepared is beyond the will and life insurance. Prepared to live out the rest of our years with someone who has become incapacitated physically, mentally, sometimes both..or even live without that person? I sometimes kid and wish my husband away but my turn had come 2 weekends ago.

At 5 am my husband woke me to tell me he was feeling strange. Strange how? did you do anything? He took some Robax for his back. He had taken some in late June and never reacted to it. In the matter of minutes, his lips were swollen, his face, eyes.. a rash appeared and then he dropped to the kitchen floor because he could not breathe! 300lbs dropping to the kitchen floor is not easy to sit up to encourage breathing. Luckily my son heard something and had woken up to go to the washroom and came to see what the commotion was. He helped me lift my husband so he could breathe and call 911. My cell phone was off but takes a few seconds to turn on. those seconds seemed to take forever. So from now on I keep my phone on at all times.

So he is having an allergic reaction-full tilt. Ambulance says they will be there in 30 to 40 minutes? Are you kidding me? The hospital is a 10 min drive max! And at this time, we could get there in 7!! Finally EMTs show up, they can't find a vein to jab-nothing new for my husband he is tough to tap. Epi-pen it is! That only lasts 30 min. Get to hospital and we play the same game with hiding veins.My poor son has a "thing" about blood and needles so he kindly left to feed and water the animals for me.

So after a Baker's dozen of attempts, they finally found a vein. I think I would have lost it by then being jabbed so many times but tough guy took it in stride. I eventually went home to continue with what one does at home including cleaning up the mess of the Emts and their equipment and boots. It made me wonder what the scene looks like after something more spectacular occurs...Around 1:30pm he was ready to come home, tired and not so puffy but now wiser to his allergy to
Ibuprofen!! An Epi-pen is in his lunch bucket.

All those thoughts occurred to me about being able to live in my home on my own should the outcome not be good. And I believe I am pretty resilient but I will be doing more things for myself in the future. I hope he does the same too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year's Sermon

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. It's been a long time coming but I don't want it to be the greeting card type of New Year. I want you all to have the New Year you so hoped for and deserve. The New Year that has you excited and energized much like one feels at a good New Year's eve party!

I look back on 2014 and can't help but think of some of the events that took place. We humans rotate towards the negative, almost wired for it so I try to remember the nice things, the pleasant things, the things that keep one going in the face of adversity and disaster. That's all they are. Little things, moments, words that can move a person to overcome whatever roadblock you may face. It is that simple.

When faced with bad situations, like the death of a loved one, a pet, the loss of a job, a failed relationship, we always try to make sense of it all. Again, being human gets in the way. Life goes on. It goes on with an ache in your heart but you are still drawing breath and able to make changes and make a difference in your life and the life of others. My Grandfather told me : "No matter what happens in a day, the sun will always come up in the east and set in the west." Some things we can't change no matter how hard we try. The gift is to accept early on  that we can't always alter things, but at least give it a try! It is ok to feel bad but don't let it take over.

 It's a bitterly cold day here. Morning chores are done and I can't say how wonderful hand knit wool socks are a on a day like today. the wool socks have helped me get over the brief adversity of being cold. So, folks, try to figure out what small things can help you conquer your big rocks and may you be a t peace with the results.