The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to a new adventure!!

On Monday, January 23rd, I accepted the delivery of 2 Registered Shetland Sheep!! Beyonce is the black ewe & Clarice is the musket colored ewe.Both are ewes and expecting in May.  They've been bred to a ram with the least likelihood of producing black. Curious to see what we will get.The sight of them put a grin on my face that I had forgotten that I could express in a long time. Wow! It was like Christmas for me. I've endured a terrible year, so for me, Feb 1st is more like to be my New Year. The sheep are a beginning into my own yarn shop. You have to start somewhere and since I already have a "Hobby Farm", why not add a critter that may give me a return on my investment! We plan on selling, wool, honey & eggs. Unfortunately, shearing is a few months away. There will be lambs & fleece to look forward to- isn't that a wonderful distraction to the winter blahs? I've also put eggs in the incubator...21 days to go before the hatch...perhaps we can do a sheep & chick watch!

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  1. How exciting! Nice sheepies. I certainly have enjoyed spinning Shetland in the past...hmm...