The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet Ollie! The cat who thinks he's a chicken...

A few days before Christmas, we discovered a " guest" in our barn. Not sure where he came from but he enjoys being with the chickens. He sometimes sleeps in a nesting box & even drinks from the waterer. Since I can't even pick him up as he is still unsure of creatures without fur or feathers, he keeps to himself in the barn. I do feed him as I"m unsure of the mouse population in the coop...

As for myself.. what's one more critter! Between trips to the barn to bring running water to the animals, I've been trying to finish off the Christmas knitting. Since my Mother suffered a stroke 2 weeks before Christmas, my time & life were not my own. She is now at home, learning to live with  some impairment & not being able to drive until, knitting time was a luxury. Now I will concentrate on what I want to knit for myself..the list gets better get knitting. February Lady Sweater is on the needles now!

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