The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All Christmas and caked out...

Yesterday was my husband's Birthday. I managed to bake a Boston Cream Pie from scratch with the meager supplies on hand. You see, I am housebound. No, not ill but 1 vehicle in good working condition certainly curbes the ability to dash out and shop. Consequently saving money except that there is none. Christmas has come at a really bad time, again. We recently replaced 2 car tires(less than a year old) 4 truck tires, new shocks and afew other parts on the truck and it's still not operating well. Two licence renewal stickers and a licence renewed....all in December. To cap it all off, I am only working 3,25 hours/week which is not considered employed and hubby will be off work from Friday to the day after New Year's day...So gifts this year are whatever I have knit. Rainchecks for everyone as you see, it has been raining. The sounds of Christmas here are the sound of the sump-pump coming on and a truck scraping and spreading salt on the road.

Oh it did snow.. a looks someone with the biggest sifter ever, sifted icing sugar all over the lawn. I can live with that but I dread freezing rain and driving in the freezing rain. The weather has been mild and I am not complaining but it certainly seems to alter breeding schedules for certain animals. It also confuses some birds to not migrate. And then it gets really cold and they starve or eggs are laid and frozen etc...I do admit if I didn't have to heat a home for almost 6 months, oh the money I would save!!

Now back to Christmas...My youngest son turns 17 on the 22nd. We get caked out in December. He's a little peeved that the world is supposed to end the day before his birthday- yeah right. Not sure about that, I'm still getting invoices . No company seems to be mindful of that little nugget of doom. Now, I may be a little more sensitive to the whole commercialisation of Christmas this year, but enough alread. Emails everyday reminding me about how much time is left to buy x... order now.., don't be caught without...Which incidentally has nothing to do with the celebration of the birth of Christ in any way, shape or form. So next year, I am decreeing in my own household, that if you thik you should receive a gift, then it's because I want to share and am able to give not because a bloody date on a calendar equals gifts in the eyes of retailers.

Enough said. We will have a family gathering and our regular feast but I am also sensitive in that area as I've lost a few relatives ina short while I will most certainly miss the visits that usually occur at this time of year. Part of life, part og growing up,partof becoming ingrained on my perception of what I believe Christmas should be....

Oh yeah, hubby celebrates Christmas on the 6th of January. More cake anyone?

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