The farm house

The farm house

Monday, June 17, 2013

My New Web Logo!

A few weeks ago, a lady had come by to purchase some eggs. While here, she asked if she could take some photographs of the animals and farm, but specifically the chickens. Well of course I said. I understand how sources of inspiration can come about and anything to help an artist-I'm in.

We began chatting and I mentioned how I was a bit conflicted on a website logo for the farm. Well, she takes photos and then sketches them and also paints them. So, she said in exchange for the privilege of the photos, she would sketch something.

She returned this weekend, with some photos for me and a sketch. She has also painted and exhibited some featuring my chickens and Tessa.

So, what do you think? I briefly told her what I would like and here it is. I was very impressed. By the way, it's Liam's head on the left.
Her business name is Paintings To Order and her name is Carrie Keller 613-774-1906 she's in Winchester. she said there is something funky happening with her website so maybe call or email

I am very pleased. So now, no excuses to get started on the website!! But I need to go to the feed store!!!


  1. I was amazed by such a gift. I'm thinking she can maybe replicate it as our large farm sign also??

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