The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ah, Sunday...

Ah, Sunday... A few friends kid me as if I even know what day it is since I don't "work" outside the home. Ha, there are no sick days or calling in on a farm. Octavia's cast has been removed and she limps a little. She now must get accustomed to all the mobility again.

A friend who has recently bought a flock of sheep is now going through the lambing season. It's great fun anticipating the next generation. I think mine will be end of March lambs, so definitely Spring lamb-but not for eating.

This week, 2 passages caught my attention and made me realize how important it is that I maintain my current fiber flock. If you take a look at the Northern Lace Blog on my home page, there is a pdf you can download about assessing a fleece. Short and concise.  Here's what caught my eye :"Remember that the farmer has spent a lot of time and energy growing the fleece, and I think it is
only fair to pay him accordingly. The result of this is that local farmers will keep their very best
fleeces for me to have first refusal." Amen.

An article that someone shared on Facebook also lifted my spirits. Why Bother Knitting A Scarf..if you manage to read it, the entire article is basically how I think about much of my knitting. Also, no fiber farmers, no beautiful local fleece etc... Also a friend that I chatted with online said" I admire you for taking such a huge leap and doing what you love." People are taking notice. How cool is that? I've tried my hand at being a suit and now I deplore what they represent. Farming is a business: the clothing and hours are different and your business partners don't have opposable thumbs!

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