The farm house

The farm house

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12th, Coundown is On!

It's February..and it would seem one of the snowiest and coldest in some time. Luckily today the sun is shining albeit briefly. I have a small window between the gusts of wind predicted and now to fill the horse trough. I must take the hose from the basement, through the window, attach to spigot outside, return inside to turn water on from the basement and watch and hope that water comes out and flows freely before lugging to the trough. sometimes there is ice in the hose, sometimes the tap is frozen...Awkward and time consuming.

What is getting me through these tougher days of winter is the lambing countdown! As of today 44 days until a bouncing lamb should appear. By then I also hope to see a bit of greenery, perhaps a tulip poking through the ground and song of Robins!!

Yesterday I attended the Annual Chesterville Spin-In. Always well-attended and I just scratch my head at so much talent condensed in a small space. I learned how to properly use the drum carder my friend Merrilyn Mulligan had lent me a few months ago. I had tried it, did not think what was occurring was the right thing so stopped. So, I brought it yesterday and one lady just walked past, noted that it was an older model and needed to be adjusted and she proceeded to do so! And then we played with some fleece I had washed and brought. Not only are these folks talented they are generous with their knowledge and time.

Nancy MacMillan, organizer of the event spent some time teaching a man to spin with a drop spindle. He was enthralled by it all and purchased some roving from me. He lived nearby and wanted to support local business. As did many others that day. I sold enough to pay for hay and chicken feed this week!! Now, to get more sold in order to buy panels for sheep jugs as there will be a population boom come May-about 5 ewes will deliver then.

Off I go, water the horses, grain the sheep, collect eggs and then an afternoon of knitting...I hope!
Enjoy your February day!

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