The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New digs for chicks & reclaiming my space!

Well, I moved the little stinkers out and have reclaimed my knitting room,! I even cleaned it up and have books, a table & a couch, albeit a sagging one for my comfort and the cats too.
I seem to be working in a green phase lately and I don't mean eco-friendly green. The color green has always been 1 of my favorites. As I have been saying that this year is my knitting year and I am using up stash, I have started Snowcloud Cardigan by Littletheorem. So far I am enjoying the different construction of this piece. I am using wool-ease-egads. As I mentioned using up stash in all forms.

 I have started a pullover also but fell out of interest as 1 of my darling large dominant cats peed on the yarn. Yes, he's fixed but there are 2 large dominant males and it is not unusual for this behaviour to occur but must it be on my yarn?/ The yarn has been washed. I will continue on Snowcloud in green. Also on the needles is a lace scarf in Silk Twist by Handmaiden also green...
The scarf is not complete, so not blocked. I am looking forward to learning how to dye yarn like this!! Add that to using my own fleece, wow!

I have really enjoyed my time at home with my animals & letting my creative self be amused but I know it is coming to an end & I will have to return to the work mode once again: and not be broke!
Here are a few pics of happenings at the farm:
Forsythia in March

Tessa in mud & sun


  1. Nice knitting! So all these animals and all this stuff going on & now you want to take up dyeing? You're way crazy, but good crazy.

    1. It's a great crazy & a very creative sort of insanity! I believe that we can find the strength within ourselves to accomplish these things-remember my children are much older than yours and you manage to create wonderful things! Keep up the good work!