The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring it On!

The February Lady Sweater has been completed! -yes before St. Patty's Day.
 I wore it to the gathering in Kingston. Please forgive the quality of photos as either the cameras here are not working or a cat has chewed the usb cord. All photos are taken via Blackberry...

I am so enjoying the incredibly sunny & warm weather. It certainly has lifted my spirits! Since I have been off work for some time, I have taken advantage of that situation and have baked more, hatched chicks earlier, knit more for myself and today, I have planted seeds indoors. Since the weather is cooeprating I though I may as well go with the flow. So far tomatoes, squash & zucchini have been planted. I may purchase another box & plant different tomatoes & pumpkins. Everything else I can buy from nurseries or stores.
This evening, I will be moving the chicks to a small coop, just for themselves. They are popping the tops off the brooders and they smell!! I want my studio back.I will be experimenting with diatomaceous earth as a insect repellent and natural dewormer. Can't hurt!
I also signed up for a retreat/workshop in Wakefield today. I deserve it and investing in oneself is never a loss. So, I believe by what I've been told that I may start working in April. Not fun but I do need the funds to move on with my plans. Now, off to put clothes out on the line!

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