The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter All!

It is Easter Sunday and all is the same. Except for something I discovered that will change knitting for myself for ever.... In this journey called life, I seemed to have lost something.. and found it elsewhere. The discovery came about as I investigated my disatisfaction of 2 garments I had knitted for myself. My tension is good, the garments bigger than I would like: that meant only 1 thing....I am smaller than I thought.

Indeed- I started with bust measurements and lo & behold...I have lost my chest!! How the heck does that happen? I am not a thin person but holy is only gone from there?? And guess where I found it? I suspected some time ago where I've added to my measurements. I was walking to the store- after child #2 I think, it's all a blurr-and my arms swinging kept hitting something. Yup, that something was where space was before.. ny hips/ass if you will. Once an hour glass shape to a pear. I don't know if that's a good thing but it certainly has repercussions for me as a knitter knitting for myself.

So if your knitting is off size  please take your measurements again...gravity sucks!

I am almost done with sleeves/back to Snowcloud... I am liking the simplicity. I am watching the Rosemary & Thyme series while knitting this. I have also finished a pair of socks for myself ( feet are wider after children)

I have also begun a pair of socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road...time to put some of this on Ravelry.....

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  1. Happy Easter!

    Sorry about the lost & found inches. That doesn't sound like something fun to look forward to.