The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Up And Down Kind Of Week...

On Monday, we experienced a lot of rainfall. So much so, I had to put extra tarps on the turkey tractors and come evening, discover that water was dripping in my living room!!! It came in not where I expected. So, a couple of calls were placed locally-no success. So, I called my cousin who has taken over from my uncle who passed away a year ago at a large roofing firm in Ottawa. On Wednesday morning, a chap from Ottawa came out to inspect, diagnose and patch a few of charge as I was family!! Wow!

Before the rain came into the house, another surprise had occurred that day.
Say hello to "Mister Guinness" , that's what I'm calling him. He is an emaciated former racing thoroughbred bound for slaughter last Thursday. I took a chance and a friend trailered him here, between downpours. So far, he is a wonderful boy, a mild cribber. I will allow him that given what he's been through. So now, I hand graze him in the afternoons and let him eat as he needs it. I will be looking for a rainsheet for him as I think he will need it. I warned my neighbour of his condition as he is so thin. If anyone driving by complains, I will gladly explain that he is now eating, thank you very much. The sad thing is, I could fill my paddock with horses in the same situation. This guy was sold at auction and bought by a meat dealer. I had to peel off his auction sticker. I will need some help reading the tattoo on his lip to correctly identify him and his age.
On Tuesday, we brought the truck in for a diagnostic- we knew it wasn't going to be good.On Wednesday, while the chap is checking my roof, I'm out in the barn watching Clover deliver a lamb!! Oops! I told hubby that worms don't cause udders to grow! Fat belly yes, but not like that! So, a single ewe lamb named Octavio was born while I'm running to the house then the barn and then deal with the phone call from the garage. Did you know a brand new transfer case costs $2000! The truck is still at the garage as we ponder what to do. Luckily a friend lent us her car. Sadly, her daughter was involved in a school bus accident. Seriously, a strange week for many of us!!
This is Octavia!
Mom Clover and baby are doing well!

Tessa arrived yesterday from the museum. Boy, is she in for a surprise. Someway, somehow she will be going for training as she gets away with far too much. No more, or you will be sold!! And last but not least, a broody hen has found her way under the verandah and this morning, I could hear scratching but no cat, chicken anything around. So I looked through the lattice and found hen and a few chicks!! Poop! It's getting cold and how will I get them out?? So for now, I slip some chick starter and some water under there- I hope they can find it as there is only the one spot where I can slide things under....Never a dull moment here!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Hi, I followed you home from Ravelry and wanted to say "well done" for the rescue! I know we can't rescue them all but any time someone puts their money where their mouth is, they deserve a pat on the back - imho, grin -.
    As to the cribbing...some suggestions...lots of fresh, loose minerals as mineral blocks are hard on old teeth. Don't add a "little friend" for company...kid or sometimes, unfortunately, these were added in the stalls so the horse would have something to "distract and play with"...dreadful! Always, the little ones end up being killed after being terrorized. I can't imagine the black heart that would allow such a thing.
    Hope y'all had a happy and good thanksgiving!

  2. Sorry for the late reply! I blush when I think someone takes the time to read any of my shenanigans! A friend told me he doers not crib but more of a wind sucker...So, since we have electric fencing there's only a post that he likes. Horses have one another for company . The worst case scenario is a chicken wandering in and they can move quickly when needed to! Local turkey was awesome. My heritage birds go in on Dec 17th- we'll see how well that goes. They fly!