The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November News

Halloween is over and a new month has begun. We've already experienced a wicked wind storm that left us without power for 7 hours. We have bottled water on hand but watering the critters can be a creative endeavor when there's no power to the water supply! A generator is now top place on my list of "things" to get if I ever get ahead once again.

On the Sunday before Halloween, Tina Connolly from Fat Duck Acres and myself went out to Clayton On to learn how to make our own goat milk soap! Tina will be getting some sheep this Fall, in fact they should arrive soon. She hopes that they will be bred in order for her to milk  after the babies arrive.

A very scenic and winding drive led us to Anita Dworschak of Wildrose Country Homestead. There were a few varieties of goats to greet us along with the tell tale odor of male goats on site. Not my cup of tea that smell. I am grateful that sheep just smell like wool!

I decided to try my hand at cold press lavender scented soap. Well, I think next time I will reduce the amount of fragrance as I find it to be a bit much as it cures in my moved to staircase to basement. It's doing well there fending off any cat litter smell etc... So soap making takes time. Like many things, so don't think that you can just whip up a batch and then use it-Oh no, it takes 6-8 weeks to cure!! Good to know if you are contemplating making some for an occasion or for sale...

I am still awaiting my processed wool. I am eager to see the quality...2 ladies are being bred this Fall and I figure 3 lambs for April which will bring us up to 15 sheep!! Wow! It's almost like chicken math: you get a few and the next thing you know they're everywhere. I just hope I can continue with my sheep as our financial scenario has changed drastically and continues to do so...that's for another post.

Tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of "Guinness"s arrival. I adore his personality. He has filled in a bit, not so ribby and his spine isn't quite as sharp. I do believe he needs his teeth floated. That should be a great help as we head into the grass-less months. Once his teeth are filed, he will be better able to chew hay and the supplement he will need to get him back to being fit. A good sign is that he is growing a winter coat!

Now I'm off to experiment with bread making. I love fresh baked bread but never seem successful, which is why I say experiment. Who knows? It could turn out today....What are you doing today?

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