The farm house

The farm house

Friday, May 2, 2014

Changes Are A Happenin'

Hi all,

I've created a page with prices for the wool and roving. It is work in progress. I will also be listing a page with other items that are available from our little farm. Things are starting to really take form-business wise!

I am hoping to get some fencing done this weekend-low budget but very functional and only if the weather allows. Poor sheepies are in the barn as the ground is very boggy and it is not great for their little feet. It's not great for the horses either but they can travel a bit further to higher ground. Misty is recovering from her surgery nicely. She now needs to "dry up" as no lambs are nursing I must watch for mastitis. We are halfway through her round of penicillin.

I've had to grab for cardigans lately as the weather is unseasonably cool. My favorite is "Rhinebeck" by Lisa Lloyd. It is huge on me. So,I think it's time to knit myself another and yes,using my very own product. There will be some shameless self-promotion coming up!

This photo was taken from Ravelry and the owner is Chili.

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