The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yesterday was another very difficult "farming" day. Misty began labor on Sunday but was not progressing as she should. I called the vet Monday am and he gave her some injections to induce hard labor. A few hours later we are performing a c-section to remove 2 dead lambs, a ram and a ewe. I deep seated resentment is what occupies my mind and my heart. All the farming cliches and expressions are not a source consolation in any way.The ewe has been saved but must be retired, To add insult to injury, her fleece has been shaved on her left side which will mean a bit of a mess for shearing day...This is so not what I expected and it always brings about that question: Why?

 Why do these things happen? How could God let this happen? What could we have done differently ? etc...
And these questions fall on deaf ears because it does not change the outcome. Instead, I must deal with what is at hand: Life.

On a positive note, after months of sluggish egg laying, we are now finding eggs everywhere! An Easter egg hunt is a daily thing occurrence. Also, things are greening up but still a bit boggy and will remain so as the forecast calls for wet days ahead.
For now, I will be working on some brochures to give out for folks to see what we offer on our farm fro produce and wool. Perhaps a new sheep will be in order....

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