The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


On September 9th we were blessed with the birth of Jasper!! At first, I wanted to wether him right away-another ram,unregisterable...But wait! He's white(brown really but we won't get into the whole color genetics thing) I have two white ewes and now one white ram. Spinners and knitters love white because they can dye it. So, by keeping him intact, I can now produce more white-no guarantees but better chances!!

He moves around so much, it's hard to get a good photo!

This only occurred to me after being disappointed by another buyer withdrawing from the sale of a ram. These things happen. I would prefer they go to a fiber farm than a freezer. So, having said that, I pondered who could I contact to sell a ram, for another farm to diversify their gene pool? Well, folks, there are no other registered breeders within 50km of here. Registry does not necessarily make a better animal but as a breeder, you pair them up for a desired outcome of better fleece, conformation or color if you dare. Again, no guarantees. Yes, you will end up with flops. That happens within all breeding possibilities. you learn from theses things, hence the importance of keeping records and registries do help with that. I did contact another breeder that I know from spinning guild who has been breeding Shetlands for some years. Waiting to hear back.

So, do I wish to step up and become a bigger breeder? Maybe. I have limited funds and property to consider. But I will say this: I will not discount my animals to make a sale. Too much time, effort and energy goes into providing a better fleece. With everyone retiring and moving, I understand their motivation to sell at a lowered price but from now on, I stand by my product.

Back to keeping an  unregisterable white ram? Fleeces sell and provide funds for their food. Regular breeding season is around the corner. So, I have decided to breed and now must decide what I am striving for in the pairings. I'm kind of glad that my wonderful ram of great fleece will be staying!


  1. I can relate to your musings, and have the added conundrum of a husband who gets easily annoyed by all things sheep around here....

  2. Sheep can be therapeutic. Perhaps he needs a sheep cuddle?