The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bye, Bye Bertie!

Yesterday, a couple came to see the rams for sale and took Bertie home to be the herd sire to the 2 Shetland ewes they have. I was tickled pink that he would be going to another hobby farm!! I also dreamt about him last night. He is no longer my worry but I still do worry. I hope he is settling in and coping in a different environment. Silly isn't it?

Meanwhile a breeder near Peterborough has pulled her ad as she has been harassed by potential buyers who wish to "sacrifice" the lambs:their word not mine. They even sent her a clip of how it will be done!! Wow! What intrigues me is why this particular "fibre" breed? Wouldn't they want a meat sheep? Or is it simply that sacrifice? I did not ask what prices she had posted but if the prices were higher, would she be able to avoid certain types of buyers? Is it her location that is appealing? I also think lambs sell better as they have that cuteness factor but if you are breeding for a specific characteristic, wouldn't you want the more mature model? Any defects would be visible then...a point to ponder.

Meanwhile, what to do with Magnus.He is still listed for sale. However he may breed a ewe this Fall and then become an"it". The big boys also provide more fleece He is graying out in the hind which is a fault in the 1927 breed standard ; yet another point to ponder.

Only time will tell what's in store for the big boy!

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