The farm house

The farm house

Monday, November 17, 2014

Intimation of Frustration

My rubber boots have holes: both of them.. They were purchased in June and lasted until August! I don't have winter boots-I wore them out. It's been snowing, wet snow that sticks to everything. I have wet running shoes because I don't have boots. I also am not getting a satellite signal. It will be a long winter if this little amount of snow interferes with reception... Boots are on the list this week.

I cleaned the chicken coop from top to bottom. The hens have almost ceased laying so I figure now they have no reason;there is a light on for them also. One of the younger heritage turkeys is laying every other day...odd as it's November! One ram is very frustrated, meanwhile a ewe that I mistook for pregnant is very receptive to the young ram. I also have a young ewe-with horns- who is trying to mount the wether!! I'm pretty sure she is a she as there is no "sac" with marbles.

My wool is still not ready. Why must it take so long and now is my busy selling time? It may not be... I also missed the Needler's Retreat, again. I had a spot reserved too. It just seems that at that time of the year, the planets must line up in a certain pattern in order for things to work out in my favor.

Christmas preparations...not sure what we are doing. My Mother may be coming to live with us for the winter.No worries, a friend has a bunch of empty wine bottles saved for me so I can brew my own. If I start now, I may have a chance!!


  1. I'm sorry you are beset with so many frustrations right now. Hang in there! (The ewe could be a freemartin; I have one.)

    1. (...or a hermaphrodite; I have heard of more of those than freemartins.)

  2. She is a he...I will post tomorrow.