The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perspectives- Part Two

In honor of Father's Day, I am posting the story of the party held for my Father as he was leaving his home town and joining the military. Once again provided by my cousin who kind of takes over the story.

I've recently spoken to my Father and he has changed over the years. Once an avid golfer, curler and bowler he now spends his days tending to the lawn, gardens and woodworking. The hobbies may have changed but he is not an idle person.

 So, part two:
The day your dad left Quinton also carved into my mind
Ernie was popular and had a lot of cool friends.  Sorry I  cannot name them all... 
He did have a friend called " putsky " a catterpillar driver and land reclaimer plus buck toothed Tony Lovis
Howie knows these guys better than I do!
Memory of your dad s going away party...
 Bill Kauth our grandfather a true gentleman, was so proud of your dad going into the military
He invited every one from Quinton and surrounding area as befitting a proud and classy man
He was an old world gentleman and I loved him to no end
His pipe his heavy work boots his Farley Mowat and he introduced me to Mark Twain and maybe Steinbeck... but that is really along time ago
The party filled that house... I dont know if you ever went there but I spent alot of time in Quinton at Granny Granpa Kauths house became another home for me!
Uncle Charlie Kauth and Aunty Mary ~David and Irene (Greg truck's crash death 1968) Kauth's parents
Grandpas other brothers and maybe sister I cannot remember them all
Uncle Jim and Mary Sentes was there to mention only a few but...
I digress lol
My family is big we have nine kids we filled that house our self
Leanne was not yet and maybe Kirk Ward and Todd were not yet this was pretty long ago...
My dad drove us to Quinton in a 1952 Chevrolet blue and white (colour for me is memorable)
I was staying in Quinton that summer and had discovered a coin collection including a bunch of half melted gold coins that our grandfather
Brought from the old country or his family brought from the old country due to rapid inflation and currency deflation
Anyway I digress
The same preparation was to take place as the story about your mom's arrival years after this party
All to prepare us for this party so Howie and I were pretty pumped
The food was prepared ... remember in a family with so many kids food like that was so amazing plus granny is still the best cook ever!
Plus grandpa has stocked up on every kind of booze you can imagine
Whiskey (LOL) was only one of the many many drinks that night!
There was schnapps and vodka and sweet liquers and beers and wines and home brew from the Sentes' he really shelled out alot for the booze
The food and drink were suitable for your dad and showed grandpas pride in his son,your dad uncle
ME ...In awe of him too BTY
Anyway to make a long story longer I had not smoked drank or swore we lived in a Catholic Community and I really was pretty young
The heat of the moment and remember your dad was pretty highly regarded by all!
So everyone was loose with the rules
My dad and mom were there but I cant remember where or what they wrere doing
I only remember my time
I had cabbage rolls I had perogies I had ham I had turkey sandwiches lots of mayo I had pie and cookies on and on and on
HOWEVER the sweet drinks in the little glasses tasted so good
The little glasses were not like beer glasses so I didnt fear and wasn't warned about the deadly consequences
I must have lasted about an hour maybe two then I hit the WALL
 Howie, my family, our grandparents are not even a memory of that time
I was so sick I cannot stress how sick Karen
I am talking alcohol poisoning sick
I do remember that basement bathroom and I did stay conscious but
We had to leave early
My mom Edna never mollycoddled us and true to form I *%$^  nearly died on the floor in the back seat of that 52 blue and white Chevy Belair
LOL with no other concern from her than "thats what you get!"
Since this time when I was maybe ten I have been cautious of drinking and never really developed a "taste" for booze
You may laugh but I have never had such a terrible poisoning since
My liver or kidneys  now  even from  then maintain a terrible biological memory of that PARTY UNCLE ERNIE JOINED THE DND!
Hope you get something out of this I feel closer to you hope you feel the same.

After I read this, after the laughter subsided, once again I was shown a view of someone I know well, but not in that light. I'm glad he shared these memories with me. I hope you all have some fond memories of your parents to recollect.

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