The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Darknes is upon me when I wake up and head out to do morning chores. Soon it will be as equally dark for evening chores. Such is how life is. You can't prevent nature from taking it's course.You may interfere but not necessarily.. you know what I mean.

I've been doing a lot of pondering about my life recently. I earmark everything from the time I've moved to this house 1) Still broke- need to fix that 2) More fulfilled in the artistic sense 3) Jobs suck... 4)I like being home creating and being with my animals So having said that, signs are pointing to doing what I thought would be a yarn shop from the house. I've been repeating that for some time but need venture capital for inventory.

Another interesting tidbit I discovered about myself is that I secretly want to live in a fictious world of a deceased painter. Sounds like some kind of silly story line for some kids' movie doesn't it? Years ago, I fell in love with this man's work. I own many 1000 pce jigsaw puzzles of his work that I have glued together and hang on my walls.Charles Wysocki seems to depict a lifestyle and time to which I can relate and would love to belong to. You can view some of his work here: and also purchase calendars prints etc...

Could this be one of the reasons that I am feeling that I don't quite fit in anymore? Or is it just my creative soul coming to the forefront? An incident at work most recently has made me take notice of what motivates some people...and why does karma sometimes take too long? What it really did was open my eyes to how unfair things are and my instincts, the ethical part in me does not compute hence can't get over the bad. And so, no longer want to be part of that- life is too short to give in to other people's stresses. So back I go to my fantasy life captivated in someone's brush strokes.

I've been experimenting with hand painting and yesterday's attempt was a success! So, may try some more today. I must clean the back of the barn as the farrier comes today.. more money I don't have but the horsies need their pedicures whereas I haven't had a haircut in almost a year. Contemplating a radical change there...Or maybe I'll start a puzzle.....

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