The farm house

The farm house

Monday, November 19, 2012

I've Created...A Brat !!

They warned me, I'd read about it.. but you never think it will happen to you.Up until  an hour & half a go. I want to forget about it but the lesson learned is important. You see, I was rammed. Yup, the cute little suck face didn't like the fact that I had ignored him while reaching for the water bucket. I had broken the golden rule of sheep keeping: Don't turn your back- especially to a male, especially to a horned species!!

This was the first occurence. It may not be the last. You can apply this rule to just about any other barn critter. Happily, it wasn't painful just a mere reminder and sadly a reality that the lambs do grow up. Magnus, the bad boy was told off as he stood there. All he wanted was his chin scratched. He walked away after I did that, like nothing had happened.

Today I am going to be emailing around the sheep community to see if I can have my ladies bred. I'm figuring it's probaly cheaper to buy another ewe or a ram but I don't want to deal with a ram after today, one who may mean serious business. I need to do my own maturing about my level of competence when it comes to rams. So not ready yet.

I am also working on egads, Christmas knitting. Even though...I said I would not. I did and continue to knit Christmas gifts. Only for the worthy and appreciative and needy such as the men folk who reside in the same house as I.Today is another beautiful sunny day and I must shovel. Not the white stuff but the dark stuff that animal provide endlessly. The back of the barn was not cleaned yesterday as the horses did not want to move when I was available...Good thing I don't keep a tight schedule around here.

Happy Knitting folks!


  1. Ah yes, another believer that those cute (and always friendly!) little rammy lambies DO grow up, and in a most unpleasant way if we haven't insisted on R.E.S.P.E.C.T. from the git-go. I'm glad you weren't hurt. He's probably still very teachable, but it will probably entail picking him up and throwing him down on his back while growling at him to make SURE he knows you're "top ram." Even so, some will always look for an opportunity to challenge that top spot....

    1. He will be wethered! Which was the plan. He rammed again in the evening head on. For that he did receive a smack and he did skulk off.So, how safe are rams anyway is my next question? I suspect he was testing and will need the reminders that I am #1- same with the horses.

    2. I'm not sure how you smacked him, but the word implies something that wouldn't be more than an annoyance or a challenge – like the butting of another ram. They really do need to be taken DOWN and fear for the lives for the intimidation to sink in that very thick skull.

      Once wethered that behavior usually goes away, but once in awhile you get a mean wether (for which there is NO excuse, as a long-tme shepherd once told me).

      Rams are generally as safe as humans make them, although you must never, as you said, turn your back on them. I have three good boys, but I always remain aware.