The farm house

The farm house

Friday, November 16, 2012

Small Incremental Changes...

Already, half the month has flown by. As I age, I do wonder how things happen so quickly or do they? Is it just an awareness that certain moments do need to be cherished and captured and some left and forgotten? Is it a silent race to get to the finish line? Part of my problem is that I do take time ro ponder these things. After all, I have the time to do so....

Lately, waking up and setting out to do chores in the morning has begun to be just that.. a chore. It's dark, cold(not as cold as it could be) and more time consumming now that I must replace frozen water for turkeys and some chickens...At least I have not been burdened with shovelling the fluffy white stuff yet.My sheep are very social and love to greet someone especially if they have food of some kind.

A year ago, I did not have sheep. January is when the ewes arrived. End of April is when the boys were born and now I have 4 more wonderful fleeces awaiting me. Not that long a time really. As I trudge in the morning, I wonder when will the weather really change? I think all folk who farm or raise animals are very mindful of the weather and what it brings. 

On Monday, I took this photo :

Moments before this was taken a flock of turkeys were travelling the field.
Today's photo, same view, sunny but with frost covering the landscape. 5 days and there is a change. Colder, less daylight. Theses are inevitable changes. Now how about what I can change as an individual?

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