The farm house

The farm house

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day

Today, the 11th of November is Remembrance Day in Canada. A single day devoted to remembering folks who paid the ultimate price in defending us, our nation, our rights, our freedom. Many were injured, many never seen again. Sad times indeed.

As a Canadian, I feel very fortunate that none of these battles were ever fought here. One simply needs to visit any of the European countries to see the remnants of some neighborhoods. Very much like visiting Halifax and noting that there are newer homes in a section of old homes- thanks to the blast in the harbour so many years ago.

I can't forget this day as my Father was a former military member. He did not serve in any wars but must have been prepared to do so if required. Many parades I have viewed with Dad leading his men.I have a cousin who seved in Afghanistan who has come back a changed man. I also have another cousin who is in Afghanistan serving in a Eupol mission(policing) As I have no siblings, cousins were important to me- still are despite the fact that we are scattered all over the planet. So, I worry for them. And yet, I am grateful that war is not at my heels. That my house is still intact, my livestock not killed, I have not been raped or that I need witness anyone being murdered or blasted. Many more reasons to be grateful for certain.

Poppies are the symbol for this special day as poppies "grow amongst the crosses, row on row". I believe the maple leaf in our flag is also very symbolic. It looks kind of silly but if you think about where that leaf came from, one leaf on a huge solid maple tree, you can really feel what one maple leaf represents. Strength, fortitude, solidity, timelessness, unity. The next time you see a maple tree, take a look and imagine the power within if all the leaves that were on the branches were individuals, soldiers working on your behalf. I feel better already.

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