The farm house

The farm house

Friday, January 11, 2013

..And Now The Oven....

So yesterday was an interesting day. I did not finish the change of format for my resume as I was distracted by... an online garden planner. Free for 30 days. After that $25/year. Check it out The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner. So, I decided to play. This all happened after I discovered that there was a light on my stove, lit up saying"locked". There is no button to activate lock unless you clean the oven. Curiouser and curiouser...No amount of button pushing made the light turn off nor did it allow the oven door to open, hence no baking. I even switched the breaker off.After much playing and googling, it is a heat sensor that must be replaced.

This stove was here when we purchased the house. I was delighted as it was better than what I had left behind. I have yet to go out and purchase a stove "new". While inquiring, I discovered that this model was from 1992! Gasp- it doesn't look that old. Here is hoping I can locate the part I need. My dryer is still requiring a heating element- after 4 years of service. This part keeps going up in price when I look. A conspiracy theory I am sure. It will soon be the price of a dryer! WE have unfortunately becoma a disposable society for reasons such as this. Expensive parts and if you are not a handy person= Big bucks, no incentive to have repaired especially if you need to take time off work ro accommodate a repairperson. Shame, shame...

While cleaning up under and behind the stove, I found all kinds of things. Best of all was a bracelet that had been missing for some time. I admit I blamed the kids. I blame them for many things and rightly so but this time a secret apology was uttered under my breath.

I also cast on for a sweater for youngest son. He wears the same old pullover that is now tight. While he was away at school I measured it- Holy Smoke! It's a 46" chest.. I need to make bigger. So, chunky yarn from the stash; a modified pattern into the round- good deal on the yarn as I look at the label was $5.97reg & I paid $1.00 each ball. Needless to say a lot of yarn is required. I have put middle son's birthday afghan aside. His birthday is Feb22nd so I can't take too long...

Houndstooth check mittens are also on hold.I do enjoy knitting but sometimes you can get distracted by the needs of others- still can't upload photos today....perhaps another time.

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