The farm house

The farm house

Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Spin It!

To spin, perchance to ply, ay- there's the rub. I decided that 15 minutes per day should be enough to get me back into the swing of " spinning". So what to spin then?? I took the bobbin of merino and silk of such a beautiful enticing color yet proved to be a real disaster to spin, leading to my self-doubt as a spinner... nasty but pretty got chucked in a basket.

Well, don't I have fleece to card; from my very own sheep no less?? Well, a-carding I did go. And then the spinning.Not a great experience so far. Granted, I had not spun in some time. Too thin then clumpy. I continued in earnest as I do want to spin my own yarn. An accomplished spinner, knitter__________ fill in the blank does not happen overnight. So I mustered on. Here is a photo of Clarice's fleece. Clarice is a Shetland of a musket coloring. I try to blend the color of the fleece as parts are creamy and some slightly brown. You can also see how long and crimpy her fleece is. And yet, even today I am having a heck of a time spinning it. Today's experience is very thin. If it continues it may have to be a 3 ply if I can stand it. I find that spinning this thinly takes a lot of time too....I wonder if my somber mood is partly to blame? I spent some time scouring the ads for work but nothing today was appealing unlike last Thurs and Friday. I did receive 1 call back out of 10. She was also supposed to call back this am....Not a good ratio.

On the positive side, knitting guild is tonight abd I so need a distraction. Amanda Schwabe of Aknitica designs will be the guest speaker and also my chauffeur!!How cool is that? Also food for thought is registration for some workshops with Melissa Leapman in April....oohh...better bring the chequebook!

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