The farm house

The farm house

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shetland Revisited

Pony in the field next to museum
 So it's Monday and a very drab February one at that! So, while looking for something else the other day, I found my photos from my trip to Shetland!1 Actual photos as digital was breaking out way back then...less than a decade?? So, I'm giving myself a break from job searching and posting some of the photos. These are strictly Shetland..I may post Orkney and Harris & Lewis another time!

The remains of a Stuart castle on Unst.

View from a croft museum on Mainland

Sheep doing there thing. I believe this is on Unst.

Scalloway, the old capital of Shetland- the castle ruins are visible!

One of Eva Smith's Shetland Ponies!
Swatches displayed at Wilma Malcolmson's studio- stunning view from there of the water if I recall...
By the way, the sheep have not arrived but the egss are being shipped. Soon hatch day countdown will begin. I've ordered from 2 separate places and they should arrive 1 day apart from one another which will make the hatching much easier!

A red logo is flashing on my weather network icon as I write this. Now what? More snow or freezing rain? So much for all that greenery above!! If anyone knows of a better way I can display these photos, please educate me- it would be well appreciated.

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