The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter blahs...

On Sunday, I had some interesting visitors to the front yard. They look very much like my Naris, but my females are much paler and more grey than dark brown. I counted 17 turkeys. The most spectacular thing was how they looked when they flew over the road ! Such a wingspan and they flew quite a distance! The horses stood transfixed watching these visitors. The horses always seem to know if something different is here or something is coming...Now if they could only predict the weather or the lottery...

It would seem that doing chores in winter takes way more time than I like it to. I love spending time with all the critters but when it's cold out, it's not such a pleasant experience. The farrier came to trim the 2 horses that would not be caught last week. Later in the day, I discovered the hose, that is stored in the house was frozen-the trough needed to be filled.

What a pain it is carting water by bucket to fill a large trough... On the positive side, I get a workout and I'm not working so I have the time to tend to such things. When I did work, chores had to be done quickly and efficiently as I could not check on things while away. It certainly is great to have the sunlight in the morning now by which to do all the necessary things. Dark and cold...most unpleasant.

I am still waiting for my incubator. I suspect it is hung up at customs- just my luck.Hatching eggs is step in the right direction to overcoming the winter blahs. Chicks are the most amazing things. Rmember those chicks I saved from the auction? You can see a pic in earlier posts.... I still have them- they are huge 3 roosters and one hen. The hen loves to spend time with my buff Orpington rooster. I may have to keep them together and hatch those eggs as they both have good personalities and are big birds! I have a dozen eggs- mixed- from another farm awaiting the incubator-she will only send when it is safe to do so. It takes a few days sometimes to regulate the temperature. Another good thing about being at home is that I can check on this also. This way I have some new genes to add to my flock and some interesting breeds too.

I have planted some chives and some basil as I can keep these inside. The seedlings I started indoors last year did not produce anything- in facr barely grew at all. However, last summer was most unusual. I do predict a wet Spring-I need some Wellies so I am shopping online for those. The regular cheapies don't fit me...

Have a happy Tuesday and  don't forget to wear a sweater on Feb. 7th!

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