The farm house

The farm house

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Weekend...

Before I get into the explaining of the funny and not so funny, it's day 11 of chick watch!! Half way there!! Soon my studio will be transformed into a nursery. It's cute for a while and then it stinks. More on that later.

Not funny: On Saturday, my shearer showed up. He was in the area and wanted to know if I wanted my sheep shorn. Not yet I said as I wanted to invite some folks out to watch. Also I hadn't asked Vanessa  from Booth Boys Farm if she was planning on bringing her flock over like she did last year- she has 1 more sheep this year. And then I said it: My other sheep haven't arrived yet. Hubby says I don't like what I just heard. So, he sulked because I did not consult the addition or purchase of more livestock. His chief complaint is money- nothing else. So, he sulked, made me feel bad while I went about my business.

Funny: On Sunday, guess who helped get the barn set up for the quarantine and lambing pens? Yup. He came out and repaired and installed and threatened the rams that if they break out again they would become chops!

So, 3 Shetland ewes will arrive either Easter or weekend after! They are not bred. So I am adding a white one, a dark brown and alighter brown- one has a blue eye!! There will aslo be Romneys but I may have to wait until after lambing...

Not funny:Meanwhile, this morning I discovered the horses had taken out the electric fencing where I feed them. Upon further investigation, it looks like someone probably got run into it and then it was pulled. Good thing I had nothing planned except take more litter out of the chicken coop!! Luckily the ringleader has a great fear of the snakey looking fence that lay on the ground and no horse dare tread beyond...even if it wasn't live!

Funny:- still waiting !

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  1. My husband would have reacted the same way. But since I wouldn't appreciate it if he did that to me, I choose not to do it to him.