The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 20...Welcome Spring!!

Well here we are!! The first day of Spring!! A frigid albeit sunny one at that. Last night I stayed up late hoping to hear a chick peeping from inside the such luck. I fretted thinking I may have a bum hatch. But wait, it's only day 19!! No more turning twice a day for these chicks. So this morning I believe  I saw a small peck on one egg and a bit of rustling. It does get quite noisy in there when some egg start rolling and knocking into others!! That could be later this evening and tomorrow morning. Hubby has yet to "fashion" a special lid for my brooder so that when the chicks get a bit bigger they won't be able to fly out so easily. So he did not want to hear any peeping just yet!

Day 20 8:55 am
As you can see in the photo, nothing special happening . Not all the eggs due to hatch are visible.
Above is a pic taken this morning of some herbs that I am growing and of course what house with knitting or yarn about is complete without a feline friend about? That is Sally on the couch absorbing some rays. I love this room as it has wonderful natural light. On the table that is not visible is about  a half completed  1000 piece puzzle. I love doing puzzles as it is very much like meditating, much like knitting but the brain is thinking at a different level. It is also an exercise to encourage and continue the practice of patience which seems to escape many...

Knitting studio/nursery
In the background there are geraniums that I brought in from the garden last Fall. They are flowering. There are 4 total and one of them was from 2 summers ago!! So, don't think I'll be buying hanging baskets this year. I've decided to start herb farming. I have some in my garden but this year, there will be plenty and if all works out, I can sell some to the lovely people who buy my eggs! I really need to finish cleaning my coop and the nursery are for the hatching chicks but I would prefer a few more warmer days.

There is always something to do to knit and listen to the incubator. Enjoy the day my friends!

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