The farm house

The farm house

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Week To Go!

Day 14!! One more week to go and chicks will be peeping away!! A strange thing happens in the incubator about this time. The temperature increase on it's own! That is caused by the fact that there is life in there generating it's own heat. Today is a cold day and they are in my studio which is heated. I usually keep it cooler in there but... So this morning I had to slightly adjust the temp.

I forgot to mention in my last post that the Canada geese are slowly returning!! I have yet to see a Robin. Poor things, it's freezing again and not a worm in sight for them to eat! Also, I witnessed for my very first time, Laszlo turkey doing the mating dance! The stomping feet, very impressive. No eggs yet... My friend has Muscovy ducks and they are not laying yet either. She swears that when they start to lay, Spring is here.

Take a look at this photo and can you tell what's wrong and what created it and why I don't care if it stays as such?? Right in the middle section, the stitches ar loose and wonky. This was created by knitting that section with wool that was previously knit and then wound up without it being steamed to relax the fibres. As it's for myself, I figure after washing and blocking, it may fix itself...we will see. It is the back of a vest for myself so, no big deal. I have been knitting a shawlette with laceweight yarn and it's killing me!! Super slippy and I'm not using Addi's either. I think fingering weight will be the thinnest for me after this experiment! Now I must check on water for the critters as it's so cold, the water may be frozen....come on Spring!

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  1. To borrow what EZ said, blocking fixes almost everything!