The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April At Last!

Dear Followers,

I apologize for not keeping you up to date with the last most exciting part of chick watch! A photo was posted on Facebook of a chick... but that's where it ended. My Mother's health took me for a loop and then I also was ill and still not feeling great. Mom is much better but there is a lesson to be learned. If you suspect something is wrong with your health, be persistent until they figure out what's wrong.Her physician ignored a complaint she'd made awhile back. She demanded a referral. Physician refused. A new doctor came about, sent her for tests. While waiting, she called an ambulance and was admitted to hospital where a different doctor listened and found out that there was indeed a concern and she was then sent to the Ottawa Heart Institute- one of her arteries was completely blocked. She underwent the necessary procedure and is now recovering. But holy crow, I guess you need to be fully aware of everything medical or suffer much pain and loss of quality of life befrore they may consider you may be right!

Today is my first day at the computer, playing and, yup still searching for work. I did have 2 interviews last week and still waiting to hear. I fear if neither of those work out, it will be burger flipping for me. Oh, yes I did submit an applicant for a particular fast food place- if I'm hired remains to be seen.

So, of all those precious eggs, I have 10 lively chicks. 1 died while pipping. So, 9 from first batch and 1 from the 2nd...I have placed another 12 eggs in the incubator of my own. Chances are that they will all hatch. Goes to show you what your local post provider does to a box marked FRAGILE- I've witnessed it, so it's not me trying to be nasty.. merely an observation of what goes on behind the scenes.
Chicks are cute, but they sure are messy and grow so quickly.
Here they are, huddling in the corner as I startled them while lifting the top of the brooder!
I took this photo this morning as I needed to chnge their water.

As you can see with the chick in the foreground, feathers and a tail have appeared!2-3 more weeks and they will be covered with feathers. Another interesting thing is that the colors sometimes change!
Now guess what's been happening here?
One of the turkey hens has started to lay!! I have now collected 3 eggs. I can keep them up to 10 days, so I may have to put them in the incubator sooner as a test run. Now, here's the question: knowing what I do about chicks and how quickly they grow, how many turkeys do I wish to hatch at any time? Sure there is a market for poults but if they don't sell, I need to house all these turkeys!! The plan is that they will become dinner- cruel but let's face it folks, the meat comes from some place and I would prefer knowing it was well taken care of and fed properly... a rant for another time...
No lambies yet but looking out the window, I wouldn't want to be a critter outside giving birth even with the sun beating down in all it's glory. The windchill is something most unpleasant!

I suppose I could try skating on what was once part of my pasture?It's nice to see the geese flying about again and gathering in the fields. The wild turkeys are not so prominent lately. I suspect they are nesting... So folks, enjoy the day.. you never know if you'll be ill tomorrow....

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