The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cold snap!

I took a walk around the property this morning and discovered that I have more lilacs than I thought. I was pleased to find violets growing too-missed the trilliums completely, oh well. As you can see in the photo, a new project is under way. This is some wool, very much like Briggs&Little that I had purchased some 7 yrs ago when I went to The Spring Tonic hosted by Mabel Corlett in Kingston with my dear old friend Joan Dawson. I do miss Joan especially now that I've taken up spinning as she was sure I should give it a "whirl". What a enabler gal!We seem to have hit a wall with the warmer weather. I've already lost 1 meat chick. It's been so cold, they pile up on one another to stay warm and sadly one succumbed to the trampled feet. I believe today is the last of the cooler weather. I've hung up sheets to keep drafts out of the chick coop thus making it a real "peep show" to see if they need water and food. I can't accommodate another lamp out there but then again, who figured it would be this cold in May? Here I thought we would start later when it is relatively safe...sure.

Miss Broody is doing a great job sitting on her eggs-well the eggs. The older hen is helping. When Miss Broody comes out, old hen sits for her. Tag team hatching!! Fingers crossed they will hatch as the turkey hens have ceased laying. Meanwhile I have 8 turkey eggs due to hatch Saturday, followed by 20 or so more in the next few weeks. I purchased 2 more thermometers because I could not understand why I was having such a low hatching rate. Turns out, the first thermometer reads too high so, the eggs were too cold. All is settled with a digital thermometer. I have made myself a hatcher- the turkeys go in tonight so they won't be disturbed as I must turn the other eggs in the incubator until their turns are up. I have high hopes for this hatch!!

Sheep are doing well and I must say the first twins are huge, very tall girls! I received an email from the previous owner of the new ladies. She is moving back to the city hence why I was able to purchase her sheep and we will be acquiring her chickens and....and angora rabbit!! I know nothing about them so it will be interesting. We will pick them up this weekend. Hubby is already trying to pawn off the rabbit. I insisted by saying, let me try it first!! Her name is Bluebelle, a blue satin angora who prefers her privacy.hmm... must learn how to pluck a rabbit... I can add the fluff to my spinning. I do believe it would take a few rabbits to supply enough for a sweater!!

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