The farm house

The farm house

Friday, May 31, 2013

Tessa Will Be A Museum Piece!

It is now incredibly hot. It is mindboggling how one morning you need a sweater and the next, you feel as if the biggest oven in the world is preheating your buns. Today is one of those "hot, sticky" days where you don't even need to move and you break into a sweat. So, not much woollie things happening here. I've knit a few rows while watching the computer shows until someone needs to get on and play games....

Today, I was asked if I could lend my horse to the Cumberland Village Museum for a heritage display. Why not? This way folks can see the real thing and find out about the history behind the Canadian Horse. For those of you whom have never heard of them, here is some information and History about them. So, they are repairing some fencing and my darling will be off to be a horse in a different field so that people can gawk at her. Which leaves me with 2 horses. In fact I was thinking I should downsize as any income I earn is through the sale of fleece, eggs and poultry. Not enough to live on but keeps me fed for a while. I enjoy tending to the animals(ask me when all the water buckets are frozen) I've decided to not look for employment anymore as I was wasting a lot of time and being frustrated by my lack of success. Now, the warmer weather is here and really, life should be less expensive in the warmer months.

Totally off topic, here's a pic of Fingal, taken by my friend Tina who popped by on shearing day. 2 days later, she announced she had bought goats!

He is now on his way to becoming a wether...

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