The farm house

The farm house

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shearing Day Is Upon Us

May has almost come and gone and once again, I fail to Blog as regularly as I would like. Then again, who wants to read about me venting on such topics as banks, insurance companies and Revenu Canada: All in league with the Devil!!

So far the weather has been predictably unpredictable. One day you are sweltering, the next you must layer as who knows if it will snow or bake you yet again...

So 2 turkey poults have hatched. I made a hatcher for just such occasions and after much careful planning, discovered I needed 1 more heat lamp. Wouldn't you know it- I can't find one that clamps on..They are all suspended lamps. So I kept them in the hatcher. Now the 5 buffs from the auction are feathered enough to not need so much heat. The lamp is now on the poults in their own brooder. Tomorrow chicks are due to hatch... then more turkeys  and meanwhile I was given 14 chickens and a rooster and I feel very over run!!!

What is bogging me down of late is no funds and children and no time to knit... Kids can be a blessing but in this case I'm willing to help pack for all three. And the locks will be changed. Prom is tomorrow for the youngest. I'm still unsure if he will even graduate... a story for another day.

Oh, the best news for last... SHEARING DAY IS SUNDAY!! This Sunday, May 26th- Late afternoon is the time I was given. So if anyone wants to see how it's done, possibly buy some fleece and watch me have a meltddown as I don't handle shearing day nor the farrier visits very well. Animals can be unpredictable. If you come and bring your dog as often peopl do when driving in the country, please keep it on a leash. Last weekend a friend brought her two little rats dogs to my farm, let them loose and one entered the coop terrifying one of the hens resulting in her death a few hours later. Not pleased and told her so. She said she felt bad and no offer for compensation!! Well, don't hurry back and keep your little rats dogs home.

If and when the weather improves, I will try to post a pic of the bunny! Very soft, pretty and large. I would have her out on the grass but it's too wet. Lots of rain in a short period of time. Now I must try to find out how to get the oven to work again after the power failure due to the storm last night.At least the stove works! Small miracles= smiles!!

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