The farm house

The farm house

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catching Up

Yesterday, an old friend came for a visit. In fact she brought lunch and some wine and we had a blast discussing thing and venting on other topics. A visit is not complete without a tour of the barn and the critters! While we were chatting in the barn, Fiona decided to jump pens. Oh, no! She was in with the rams. She decided she wanted back on the other side and was bleating for her friends. I also did not want to be with the rams. I went into her old pen, lured her over and grasped her firmly and put her back where she belonged. Add sheep wrangling to my resume!

 In the evening I attended the February gathering of the Ottawa Knitting guild. I had an overdue library book and felt compelled to attend if not only to return the book. Fortunately, there are no fines! Meanwhile, I heard a wonderful lecture about different cast ons and how the knitter utilized them for different purposes. It is good to have a repertoire of techniques. This way, you have options and you decide what suits your project best.

I had brought with me some of my wool so folks can "feel" how nice my Shetland wool is. By doing so, I met a few new faces at the knitting guild. Some old familiar faces were also about squeezing the wool. I was too shy to get up and speak about my lovely product but I will have to get over that and promote my product as shameless as it may be!

This morning I also met with an old friend. It is totally awesome to have all the wonderful vibes from folks coming to me and I hope that I can reciprocate the feeling.Knitting is a beautiful thing!

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