The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Blues..2014

February has almost always given me the blues, even though the color blue does not appear often throughout the month. The sky is a drab grey or shades thereof. Right now it is white because it is snowing, yet again. I can barely make out the farms on the next concession over. Mother Nature has been oppressing this year. Almost as much as Hydro One... The local utility company who charges a delivery rate, a debt retirement fee on top of what you use thus doubling your invoice in one month, to the point that some folks can't afford to pay- I being one of them. $600 for an actual consumption of $308-which is high due to a furnace coming on at all hours because it has been a cold winter. It's unreal and now I wonder if I must sell my house, sell some livestock, what else? The cost of living has gone up so much since we've moved here I truly fear for the future.

Last week, Mr. Guinness passed away. I did not expect this. I figured he would have more time. I swear that with every animal that passes here, a piece of my heart gets harder. Enough said about that. The hens have not been laying and I am anxiously awaiting the ewes to have lambs. I really can't get into the whole shopping from the seed catalogue as I don't think winter is anywhere near done. I also think my hens know it. Heck I can't collect enough to spare any eggs  for hatching... The turkeys haven't started either.

I am now debating whether I should apply for farm status or just a small business. at least with farm status you get a break on the municipal taxes but...There is a minimum amount of income required. And right now, I can't even sell eggs! However, next week I am attending a Spin-In as a vendor and not as a spinner as my spinning is not as refined as I would like it to be.-I need practice and with a small cat around who figures the belt is exclusively for his own amusement-no deal; for him or for me...

This photo is of a geranium that I purchased 2 years ago. I bring them in in the Fall and now I do have a bit of color all year 'round. If any of you are on Facebook, go to Karberry Farm and tell me what dates and what sex, singles or twins the ewes will have...better hurry because they can happen anytime after the 7th!

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