The farm house

The farm house

Friday, February 14, 2014

Chesterville Spin-In

On Wednesday I attended a Spin-In for the very first time. It was their 15th anniversary of such a gathering and the theme this year was All Things Shetland. So, I attended as a vendor. I sold a bit of roving but met all kinds of helpful people. Spinners were spinning with all kinds of beautiful things some good quality, some just because it was given to them. If you had questions, they had the answers and were very willing to share them with you.

Of course there were the folks I already knew which is comforting when attending a new "venue". Of course I never thought to take photos as I always seem to become overwhelmed in these places: so much to see, feel, hear...I would love to attend Rhinebeck but I could see myself freeze, like a deer caught in the headlights just taking a glimpse at all the items etc...

After speaking with a few attendees, I may be setting up shop at a Farmer's Market end of summer-fall.It will take that long to get this year's product back. I also saw a demonstration of a blending board...Pretty simple and effective.I may invest in one of those.

Still no lambs and I'm glad as it has been cold. Today's weather is much warmer but...snow, lots of it and blowing. School buses are cancelled and my walkway is covered by drifts...I'm supposed to do some bookkeeping for someone today but it will have to wait as there is also no car available. The ewes are not bagged up yet, although they are lounging more and biting at their sides because there is movement in there. Maybe for my birthday? But no Valentine's day babies.

Now, I think I will continue knitting a double knit mitt, pattern provided by a spinner I met on Wednesday. Reversible and 2 layers of warmth. If I ever finish the pair, I'm already prepping for next winter!

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