The farm house

The farm house

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mid March Morning

I just spent an hour shoveling horse poop. I see no need in posting photos about that. It is a warm day so I am taking advantage of the fact that not"all" the poop is frozen, but there certainly is a layer below that is. The wheel on my wheel barrow is flat. We can't find the puncture. Last Saturday, we spent some time at the neighbors replacing tubes, valves, using the air compressor to fill and then soaped it with soap you use to clean milking equipment(-yup-dairy farm neighbors) and still there is a mysterious leak. So, lots of poop. Lots of dirty bedding also that I need to get out;sadly I must buy a new tire -_-.

Prior to shoveling,I made my way out to Vernon to meet with two people. I decide to abstain from the bird auction because honestly, I have very little funds this week,and a new tire to buy. I did meet with these folks to purchase a dozen Ameracauna eggs(blue/green) and 5 blue laced Wyandottes. As much as I like hatching my own, the ladies aren't laying as they should and new genes are welcome. So, tomorrow the eggs will be put in the incubator. The Farmer's Almanac states tomorrow as a good date for setting eggs. Cool!

I've decided that some of the roosters I have will be sent to the South Mountain auction next month. I am now officially launching myself wholeheartedly into farming. Yes folks, in desperation I applied to Tim Horton's (popular doughnut and coffee store for the American followers who don't know)and guess what? I did not get the job. For a fleeting moment, I was not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved.

So stay tuned for more farm antics.I'm considering purchasing a milking goat in order for me to legally sell my goat's milk soap. No, not mid-life crisis. After all how many of crises can you have??

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