The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Signs of Spring...

Signs of spring are about despite freezing my ar-- off and seeing quite a bit of snow left on the ground. The weather forecast for the weekend is promising-rain and warmer temperatures. I will be pleased when there is no bloody windchill to accompany the actual temperature.

Another sign is horses shedding- no pic for that as there is too many "poopy" things on the floor. You get that picture. Yesterday,I discovered a strange cat living in my basement which explains why the dog would sniff at the door( she will not go in the basement) Also,my cats would hiss quite a bit when dining... I also have a Starling in the attic,mice in the feed bin and the worst yet, I saw a coyote across the field. Not cool. I would be naive to believe that my farm,as little as it may be would be untouched by that part of nature. So,fences a most definite item on my Spring list of very important items to secure. Putting it all in, now that's another headache for another day.

Still no lambs- I think my ewes are smarter than anyone else's. They are waiting for cleaner bedding and warmer days. Yah, that's it!! Meanwhile,I still have nice wool for sale!!

I fell sorry for those Easterners that must endure another blast of winter.. I'm sure everyone is wondering "Will it ever end ?"
So for now, I will be knitting- getting ready to add to my inventory for the Kemptville Farmer's market- I will be a vendor there this year. I hope to see some of you there!

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