The farm house

The farm house

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chocolate Lambs For Easter

On the weekend, we moved the ewes over to the pen where the general population is located. I don't trust the rams to not accidentally bash a lamb. So, the gals left and we put Clover in with the boys. Clover will go into season like a regular sheep as she is a cross. Poor Octavia called for her Mom. Well, since she is now 6 months old, you'll see her again when the fence goes up when the ground thaws, when the water all disappears...

All Monday night, the rain came down. Washing away much snow and flooding many fields,interrupting satellite tv service and making a general mess of my yard. not to mention my basement as one sump pump stopped working!!...
It also rained a good part of Tuesday and it was cold. So far for an entire week,we've yet to reach the forecast high temp of the day. There's not much I can do about it but it became a concern to me yesterday when I observed Clarice at morning feed. She was not eating. In fact, she did paw in a corner,did a funny hunch thing and I knew then it was early stages of labor. I checked on her a few times in the morning but it seemed to stress her out. I then decided, she probably did not need my assistance.

After lunch and time to give the sheep their grain, I met Clarice's twins, a ram and a ewe. The boy was dryer so I figure he was born first.
Ewe on left, ram on right. The band across his forehead is a cream brown and they are both a deep chocolate color.
Now that I have put them in a "jug", I decided to use a heat lamp as the overnight temp did drop below freezing.I aim for success/survival. The lambs were ok this am, so now I have decided on names. Beatrix and Bertram. I thought it fitting to name the ewe after Beatrix Potter as she was a sheep breeder herself: Bertram was her brother's name.
Now we wait on Misty...


  1. Oh, lovely B names (and lambs)! I'll have to put those on my lamb names list since they would have different prefixes here and would live in another country. ;-)

    1. Funny thing is I did think about you and the B names! Yes,there are many sheep of the same name but like you say, different prefixes. Secretly, they will be called Bertie and Trixie!