The farm house

The farm house

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sans A Camera!

No photos. My friend picked up her camera. So now I must find the cord to my old camera, which I found , is a pig on batteries-yes batteries. It will not play nicely with cheap brands either...

I've heard from Bertie"s new owners and he is settling in well, has taken a liking to one of the ewes and follows her around. I figure it is a Mom substitute thing until the hormones kick in and that will be soon enough.

The leaves are falling and the fog is taking some time to lift today. The sun is poking out which makes doing outside chores less tedious. The ducks are exploring new territory-Yes I have 4 runner ducks!! I think they may be all female. They are only a couple months old but I picked them up beginning of August. It will be some time before eggs appear.

My clip is still not back from the mill. I hope it comes before the Knitting guild vendor night!!Meanwhile I knit for a craft fair and farmer's market. If it doesn't sell, I have Christmas gifts made!! This morning I rewarded myself by purchasing a pattern. I hope I can use some of my own wool to knit it once it arrives.

This weekend I will visit my friend Anna Hammond and her farm and pick up  a few varieties of garlic. Planting season is soon and I thought this would be another lovely feature or product to sell next year!! Fingers crossed for that crop as my pumpkins were a failure this year. Strange as that never happens...I will have to purchase a couple as they are huge hits with the chickens and the sheep!

Time to knit!!

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